Perfume is so cute…

Well, when they first became popular a few years ago, I just thought “Ahhhh again…just another typical Japanese girls group…” but finding them again recently, I was rather surprised how cute they are!

Search their video on the internet! Their dance is cute too, I think they’re much better than AKB48…? My favourite is “Take me Take me”, “Game”, “Edge” etc. The first bit of “Fake it” is too cool. By the way, this combination of SciFi-ish “digital music” and cute girls wearing cute clothes looks so Japanese anime/comic culture…haha.

Anyway, I will leave talking about how cute they’re to boys fans…as you might find it from my favourite list, I think I just like the music by Nakata Yasutaka, so I started listening to Capsule too. Yeah I think it’s cool. I like “Jumper”.

Although I really don’t understand “Kyarii Pamyu Pamyu” who is also produced by Nakata Yasutaka, I really wish Perfume keep doing well! By the way, my favourite member is Kashiyuka. I want to see them live…

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