Having lived in Tokyo and London, I have a strong passion for creativity, driven by cross-cultural, diverse team and people’s synergy. By encouraging teams and myself to get out from biases and the status quo, I design digital products with the best quality user experience to increase positivity in our daily lives.

Doing by Being

Rather than just talking about theory and process, I design with the team to demonstrate the mindest.

Empathy and Perspective

I build empathy not only with users but a team as well. Then encourage everyone to try switching the perspective.

Lean and focus

Lean is similar to Zen mind. By focusing on what matters the most in the moment, I can maximize the effectivness of our activity.

I live with my beautiful cats, Chocolat the Bengal and Coco the British Shorthair.


From Medium

Digital in Japan: Another Olympics, another leap forward

My post on ustwo official blog, on Japan, digital, agile and martial arts.


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Hitorigoto is a Japanese word which means “thinking out loud”, “talking to myself”. These posts below are more of a diary with random thoughts. Mostly cats and football.

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21 July 2021

ustwo Tokyo meetup group
Started a group on Meetup.

25 March 2021

Design Reading Club
Started a Japanese/English mixed language club on Clubhouse.

2 December 2020

8 November 2020