Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone! I didn’t update this blog that often last year, but…I want to write a bit more…I will try.

So, the review of 2011.

[It was…tough] Of course one of the big incident in 2011 was the earthquake, but even before that, I had experienced my cousin’s death. I can’t believe it’s been one year already…January last year was all about crying and feeling lonely….and then when I almost got recovered, the earthquake. It was quite heart-breaking time and the moment I could see both good/bad aspects of Japan, as well as the aspects I love and hate.

[Worked…a lot!] Regarding the work, I think it was a good year. Well, of course there was a lot of failure too, especially working with Japanese client was very very challenging for me and struggled a lot as I didn’t know how to behave in the cultural difference. However, that means I learned a lot too. It was the year of learning as an interaction designer.

So…2012 should be…

[Slower…] I feel like I have been working sooooo hard in recent years….maybe I can be a bit more slower this year and look around. Finally I’m feeling like I’m getting used to the life in London, so need to enjoy!

[Meet people] Now I want to do it more, but not with the feeling of “career opportunity obligation”. I want to enjoy going out more, and want to laugh more with everyone.

[Better private life! again] Actually this is something I couldn’t really achieve last year…I always spend too much energy for the work, not for the private life! But last year I spent more time for cooking, started going to the gym, joined Sanshin-kai, restarted watching football…(I support Liverpool now! Yey!) , maybe I should spend even more time for these things. I’m gonna listen to more music, watch more films, visit more exhibitions!

So, let’s make a wonderful 2012 together everyone 🙂

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