Tron Legacy

When I went back to Japan, I went to see Tron. Although I saw it as 3D, it didn’t look 3D at all and instead only Japanese subtitles looked like 3D. Was it because of the theatre I went? Or is 3D something like this?

Anyway, the film was really good. I actually wanted to see it just because the music was done by Daft Punk, but I enjoyed more. The graphic was absolutely fantastic, flying “discs”, numbers of lines of lights, vehicles appearing from the air at the perfect timing for the actor’s action…just so cool. The scene Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” played was almost perfect.

The story was rather typical “What is digital, what is analog, what is human, what is computer…” kind of story, but I assume, compared with the original which was released in 1982, its meaning and the way of enjoying it should be different. Though, it sometimes talkes a bit about “zen” philosophy which made me think a little. I want to see this film again too. I was totally fascinated by that beautiful digital world…

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