The Social Network

It’s a while ago, but I went to see “The Social Network”. It was much better than I thought. I expected something like a typical “success story of Mark Zuckerberg” which sounds a bit boring, but I enjoyed the direction which mixes the time line and its speedy story-telling. It was a casual watch.

Although I have no idea what the real Mark Zuckerberg is like, I liked his ability of coding…err, no, vitality. How he plans what he wants to do in his brain and quickly wires it up looked really cool…is it geeky impression? He is absolutely intelligent, but probably that results in his behaviour which looks rather arrogant…even communication with his best friend, his (unintentional) attitude resulted in making a gap little by little…these story was quite interesting. I guess he is innocent, in a sense.Well, I don’t know how much non-fictional the film is though.

Anyway, it taught me that any brilliant idea is simply worthless unless you can realize it in this world, I thought this film shows the power of realization. I want to see it again carefully.

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