Anniversary of the end of the war

Although I tend to forget about this while in the U.K., 15th of August is the anniversary of the end of the war in Japan (as it’s the day the emperor announced Japan’s surrender). This day always makes me think of lots of things.

Of course, it’s the day to prey the soul of all the Japanese who had to die because of the war may rest in peace.

And, as Japanese, it’s the day to send sincere apology to all the countries and the people whom Japan had caused terrible pain and suffer, and prey the soul of the victims may rest in peace.

And it’s the day to appreciate all my friends who say they like Japan, even after all these horrible history.

And it’s the day to say thank you to my grandparents who survived the painful time and raised my parents.

Thanks to them, I got enough education, and now having a wonderful life, sharing smiles and joy with my friends of lots of different races and nationalities, in the country which Japan was fighting against.

…isn’t it amazing, people were killing each other before, but now loving each other?

And it’s the day to wish, this amazing thing I’m experiencing now will happen to the people who’s still suffering by violence somewhere on this planet.

I wish everyone in the world will be able to live in peace, without racism or war.

I know it may sound such a commonplace expression, but it’s the anniversary, why not?

15th of August is the important day, Japan should never forget.

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