Time flies

It’s been two months already since I updated my blog the last time? I don’t believe this… Today this is a quick update post.

I got a new visa successfully in the beginning of Feb, but am still struggling to find a job. I even can’t get a chance of interviews. I thought maybe my CV was not good and got some advice on it, but feel like the biggest problem was that I missed all the graduate opportunities while I was applying for a visa. Now less companies are hiring juniors.

Anyway, I’m still alive by working at a supermarket.

Fortunately I met lots of nice people who try to help me getting a job (thank you!), I’m networking a lot recently (which I hadn’t done in Japan). Meeting a new person > connect him/her via Twitter/LinkedIn > Meeting a next person. The speed of social media is incredible.

Oh, another incredible thing is…Android! I bought Tattoo by HTC recently. Yes, I know I might have to go back to Japan soon, but got 18months contract. Any problems? It’s a pressure for myself. But I still feel like mobile is more convenient in Japan including the infrastructure. I don’t know. Anyway I’m enjoying downloading lots of different apps. I’m gonna write some reviews soon.

Right, I’m going to work….

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