Japan is great???

I found an article like this.

“9 Reasons Why Japanese Interactive Work is Awesome”

The first reason, “The work is polite” made me laugh a bit. I don’t know if these reasons are right, but it’s really nice to hear someone says Japanese contents are awesome.

Not only about interactive media, but I think we have a lot of things we should be proud of. Foods, technology, design, traditional culture, politeness… But usually these things are delivered in misunderstood or distorted way! I wish more Japanese people could work a lot internationally. I should try harder too.

Of course there is a lot of culture which I don’t like. But Japanese politeness, and seriousness to try to make things crisp and detailed, could be our strength which other country don’t have, I started to think like that after I came to London. I’d like to study more from western cultures but meanwhile I want to stay as proper Japanese as well. (Not sure if it makes sense…)

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