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Barlingen International Folkdance Festival (1)

I can’t believe this is 1month ago already…It’s about my trip to Germany. Our Shishimai website also updated more detailed stories and pictures, check it out!

As I hadn’t performed Shishimai since I came to London, I was so looking forward to joining them in Germany this time! I was thinking of joining them in Frankfurt as the members flied to there, but decided to go to Stuttgart and meet them in Balingen as the flight was not early in the morning…well, I mean, more efficient.

It was the first time for me to go to Germany! It was only a few hours from Heathrow to Stuttgart. I love living in Europe 🙂 I spent a few hours in Stuttgart before taking a train to Balingen, walked around the park near to the station, and had a lunch at a cafe. The chicken and fruits salad (as a waiter recommended) was really testy…a bit salty taste, but made me almost order beer.



Taking a train to Balingen, I was quite impressed by train systems in Germany (so different from England…). Accurate, planned schedule on planned platform, although I can’t understand German at all, it was more smooth than traveling in England. The sky was clean, the train running along rivers and woods was so comfortable.


I walked from Balingen station to the hotel as it looked quite close. Oh, I found a poster of the festival!


Waiting at the hotel….finally I reunited with the Japan team! It’s been for a while since I last met them…well, as I hadn’t joined them for a few years and I hadn’t met the members from the Shrine before, most of them were someone I met at the first time actually…After checking in, we went to a clubhouse where we had a wonderful dinner! Oh wow German foods are so yummy…beer was good too…they played some music for us, and everyone danced together, it was fascinating first day already.




Switzerland Day3

OK, I know I’m writing about long time ago… But I never give up! This is for my own record! So this is Switzerland Day3. We went to a city called Montreux which has really beautiful scenery, next to the lake. The lake was soooo large that it looked almost like the sea.


After having a lunch, we moved Lusanne. This city looked more similar to England, it looked like shopping area. Although we walked to the Cathedral, it was over 30 degrees and so hot!!! No more walk. After that, we went to Gruyères. It is the birth place of cheese fondue, we went there to have dinner, but scenery was also amazing!


Unfortunately the castle was already closed, streets are very european stone pavement, the windows on the buildings looked cute with flowers. Cheese fondue was very good of course!


To be continued.

Spain Day4

This is the last entry of the trip to Spain. The last one day trip was to Granada! Althuugh we wanted to see Alhambra, there was a restriction of the number entry already! Unfortunately we couldn’t get inside. So…I had no choice but took a picture from outside.


Ok…this picture looks a bit too dark… But the area we walked around looked amazing, it was so fun to talk around. It seems there is a history of arabic culture as well, looking around the shops was also fun.


It was the first Spain trip for me, but it was amazing as I could go to some different cities. I really liked the foods, especially sea foods I usually can’t enjoy in London! It was such a wonderful trip! OK, I finally finished writing about one trip…

Portugal Day3 / Aaron Koblin

Portugal day3 = Offf day 2. The first talk I saw on that day was by Aaron Koblin. I had seen his works sometimes, but didn’t know his name, so it was so surprising I could hear his talk in Portugal. He visualise the information using the Processing, and also does experimental projects related to “Wisdom of Crowds”. The promotion for Radiohead is also popular. The talk was maintly about these issues. 1. Visualising information. There are many kinds of “visualisation”, but he uses things like the record of searching query, or flghts records and I find interesting that make animated information using actual data which happened in the reality. The promotion of Radiohead was done by capturing his movement. All the works has very detailed texture, and looks so beautiful. 2. Wisdom of Crowd He showed the project to ask 2000 internet users to sing only one sound of the whole song, and to combine them into one song. And the project to ask 10,000 users to draw sheep. It was so funny one users wrote “Why are you doing this?” instead of drawing. Anyway, seeing would be quicker so have a look at his website. Aaron Koblin Site Song by 2000 people is here Not sure if we can say it’s working though 😀 This is a some scenes from the talk.

Switzerland Day2

It is the Switzerland Day2. We went to Jungfrau, which I heard the highest mountain in Switzerland. We went to the bottom of the mountain from Interlaken by car. (I don’t remember the name of the station… I can’t remember as I couldn’t pronounce it!)


Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the top, but the scenery was amazing~~~. It was Switzerland! Mountain! What a scale! The ice cream I had there was so yummy~~~. Eating an ice cream, having a walk, we had a sandwitch lunch watching the mountain and the sky. It was such a nice time.


After returning to the bottom of the mountain, we went to see the village near to there. There was some waterfalls, looked great. Meeting cows, sheep, and we had nice time again. To be continued to the day3.


Spain Day3

I finally finished my disseration! I’m free! And, oops, I was writing my blog in Japanese but have been lazy for the English version… now I have to catch up. So, this is about the trip to Spain, Day3. We went to one day trip to Sevilla. It is a capital city of Andalucia…it’s huge! But the buildings of pastel colours looked so European. Walking around, we arrived at Santa Cruz area. Narrow passages look so pretty.


For the lunch, I tried gazpacho yummy! I liked its light taste, and I love tomato!


After that, we went to the cathedral. err…it’s blurred. But it looked amazing. Its detailed decoration was brilliant. As usual, it looked like CG…


To be continued to the day4. Well, after writing about Portugal and Swiss.

Portugal Day2

Portugal, Day2. (yes, it’s confusing but switch your brain!) It was the first day of the event, OFFF. There was a long queue in the morning! After waiting a lot, finally we went inside the place. There were some interactive installation, and, Microsoft was showing their interactive campus and “Surface”.


Opening talk was by Neville Brody. (I didn’t know he was alumni of LCC…) But actually I don’t remember what he talked… Well, how things were organised was not so good, the sound was not so good… The first day was a bit disappointing. But the dinner we had at the hostel was so yummy! Spinach soup and main dish was cod… This hostel is so clean, the location is good, the price is reasonble, I recommend! To be continued to the Day3. Neville Brody Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Switzerland Day1

Now it’s Switzerland! It’s the first experience for me to travel around again and again in such a short period. Actually it was a field trip of the course but some of us went there a few days earlier. Taking a flight from Gatwick, it took only 1.5hours to Zurich. So close! We rent a car and travelled around. The first place we went was Luzern. It was such a beautiful city with lots of European buildings around the lake. Walking on Kapellbrücke, having a dinner, eating ice cream, we left the city and headed for Interlaken. It was a really comfortable travel on the car driving along lakes. To be continued to the Day2.


Spain Day2

I just finished writing a report…yey! I have to prepare for a presentation as well, but I’m going to Switzerland tomorrow so want to write one more blog before I have much more things to write… So Spain, day2. Before I went there, I had read some blogs and had one place I wanted to visit, Frigiliana. It seems most Japanese tourist who visit Malaga, actually choose the place to visit Frigiliana, or Mijas. The pictures show such a beautiful scenery with lots of white houses. We went to an information centre and a woman there told us she personally recommends Frigliana. It seems a bit closer as well. Taking a bus from Malaga, we first went to Nerja, and changed there to a bus going to Frigilana. The weather was a bit cloudy, but when the sunshine came up, the white houses and colourful flowers looked so beautiful.


It was such a small village, narrow paths on the mountain looked so european.


I just remember Kiki’s delivery service looked a bit like this…no?


Spain is so lovely…the village itself is not so big, so you can walk around everywhere only for a few hours.


So, when we were waiting for a returning bus, suddenly I was talked by a Japanese women. She told me that she was travelling around by herself. She was such a nice person, and we decided to travel together. To be continued…But the next entry will be about Portugal again or Swiss!

Portugal Day1

Err…what should I write about now…right, Portugal day1. The reason why I went there was to attend a media event called OFFF, but I was just passive as always, my classmate found about it (thanks!) and I joined them! So I did no research beforehand! But I enjoyed it very much 🙂 The event started on the second day, so the first day was beach… After taking a train from Lisbon for about 30mins towards West, we took a bus towards North. The beach was so nice! Well it was a bit cold and windy…the water was so cold…but the beach was amazing.