Billy Eliot

I know it’s nothing new, but I saw the film “Billy Eliot” on the other day. I remember, when I was in Sheffield, I’ve seen its poster showing a boy wearing boxing kit among girls wearing ballet costume.

It’s a story about a boy, Elliot living in New Castle with his Granma, father and brother, happened to meet ballet and begun taking lessons keeping it secret from his father. I thought it was an ordinary story, but actually was a great heart-warming film! It’s more about love in a family.

The main character, Billy was amazing. He struggles, smiles, dances with “Brit-pop” BGM and looks so cute. He made me smile too. The adults in the film were brilliant too, Jullie Walters was a teacher who notices Billy’s talent and teaches him Ballett. This actress also appears in Harry Potter series as Ron’s mother, and I like her act. In this film, it was very touching that she shows mother’s love and strictness towards Billy who has lost his mother already.

(The part below talks more details of the film.) Gary Lewis, who played Billy’s father who looked so rustic, was wonderful too. He doesn’t like Billy learning Ballet, (he wanted him to learn Boxing!) and got furious when he found out about it. But Billy’s serious attitude moves his heart and tried to make some money to let Billy goes to London in spite of he needed to betray his colleagues who were on strikes. The scene when he got a bus which everyone was throwing eggs at, and when the other son of him tried to stop him and he cried, made me cry so much! I really liked this father who loves his son.

The story is very simple, but I think it’s an amazing film about family relationship with unique, pop direction.

By the way, in “Hai! Karate” which I wrote about on the other day, there is a parent and a child like this Billy Elliot. The father likes boxing and the child likes Ballet. I’m a fan of them at the moment!

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