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Xmas 2009

Thanks to everyone, I had a wonderful Xmas this year too.

For the eve, my friend kindly invited me to the dinner with her family, and I could enjoy very “proper” Xmas atmosphere. (Sometimes how we cerebrate Xmas is a bit wrong in Japan.)

My friend is always good at cooking… and now I know why, because her mother is so good at cooking!

Her parsley sauce was sooooooo yummy. And I really enjoyed British family Xmas time. I appreciate their kindness.

On the Xmas day, my landlady (Japanese) cooked dinner for us. Now this time, it was more like “Japanized western” tastes which I really liked.

I and my flatmate were in charge of dessert, and made “yule log”.

I remember, last year was a bit like tons of “the same” foods, but this year it was so nice I could enjoy some different Xmas with different people.

And now my stomach is having some rest…

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