Writing a report and Oasis

I can’t concentrate on reports…and I’m writing my blog, hehe. Now I’m listening to Oasis’s “Dig Out Your Soul”. It’s their most recent album released in last October. I love this album. Originally I like Oasis and Wonderwall always makes me cry. I remember I used to carry a lot of MD(!) of Oasis whenever I go. But their music sounded less interesting from “Heathen Chemistry” and when I listened to “Don’t believe the truth” I felt a bit sad because it was not exciting like before. So this time, I didn’t expect at all to be honest. I tried it anyway, and… This is amazing! Oasis! So cool! Their music is really straight as always, some tracks sound like bit pop, some sound very Noel-ish, and important thing is….it sounds new. I can’t tell this well, but something is new. Now my love for oasis came back, I’m listening to other albums as well… Well, I have to go back to reports…. Link to the LastFM page

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