Life in London

Internship: Week2

The second week of the internship. It’s still part-time so just 3days a week. In this week, I attended a meeting for brainstorming, did some research for a pitch, and worked on wireframing. Everything goes so quickly. Meetings look so quick, everything is decided so quickly and everything is documented so quickly. Although sometimes I feel like “Shouldn’t it be considered more in detail???” but it seems that setting limit is the way for efficiency. Otherwise, you would keep working on it until it becomes “perfect”…endlessly. I have to get used to this speed…

Also, everyone other than me, designers, developers, seems to create lots of ideas considering a marketing aspect. I need to have a different perspective too. This is “as always”, but in order to speak out my ideas (in English) at a meeting, I definitely need to prepare more than anyone else does. However, it hasn’t worked well so far as everything goes so fast! My biggest problem looks to be speed…at the moment. Ok, maybe I can begin by learning how to use Omnigraffle more efficiently…

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