Happy New Year!

I did it…I got a cold on the new year’s eve. It’s been a bit tough since a few days ago but I had to work, and was planning to clean my room on 31th…but I couldn’t. I got a medicine, was sleeping for afternoon, and just ate “toshikoshi-soba” (Japanese noodle for new year’s eve), and went to bed.

Today I’m feeling slightly better but still not well enough. But my landlady cooked Japanese new year’s meal for me! Ahhhhh I appreciate it.

OK, I’m gonna start by writing 2009 review… the last year was

[a receptive year]
Last year I started…
– Studying business
– Twitter
– UI Design, iPhone application design
– 3D animation
I studied a lot!!!

[a “standing” year]
I had to be patient for lots of problems, starting from the flatmate in the student hall. I had a swine flu too lol. But I realised that the reason why I suffered a lot last year was actually within the problem I haven’t been able to overcome for a few years. I’m not sure if I can overcome the problem in the future, but anyway it’s me, it can’t be helped! Then I started to feel better. Anyway I cried a lot in 2009.

[A travelling year]
I love EU! Travelling abroad is so easy!
– Spain
– Portugal
– Switzerland
And I run out of money.

So…2010 will be…

[A “standing” year]
I’m going to do job-hunting, so it must be a bit tough year again. But I know how long it will last totally depends on my effort!

[a sending year]
Last year was a receptive year, so this year should be a sending year. One of the objectives is to complete the project which I’m doing with my friends, and the other is to find a job! Also I’m planning to send some interesting information using social media.

I met lots of people in 2009, thanks! I hope we can have a wonderful time together in 2010 too.

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