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Confidence in your career workshop

Ok, I’m always complaining about the service at UAL , so I would like to write about a good thing today! I went to attend a workshop by creative career. They provide service like advice on career issues, freelancers issue etc., but the workshop was about “confidence in your career”. I’m not a confident person and everyone else looks always imposing and self-confident, so I thought I needed to learn to be like that a bit more in order to survive in competitions!

It was about 1.5 hours session, and was like self-analysis. Ar first, we brainstormed about what I’m confident about, and how/why I gained that confidence. They we listed the current barriers and considered how I could tackle them. It was simple as that, but I did it in a group listening to other people’s personal stories, so I could think logically as well as practically.

It will take some more time to be confident, but they taught me how to make the first step to there. And I also learnt that, in order to be successful, what’s important is not “no mistakes” but “learning and recovering from mistakes”.

After the workshop, I had some advise on my CV as well. In this session, they also pointed out what is not clear in my CV and how I could improve it within such a short time. They were really friendly and I was so happy about their service.

Now I should tackle job-hunting!

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