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onedotzero 2011 – wavelength

I can’t believe it’s been one year already…I went to see onedotzero this year too. It was the first time to see wavelength though.

wavelength is a collection of music video. Motion graphics are really interesting as I can enjoy them as long as 1) I like both graphics and music or 2) Graphics is good and music is ok or 3) Music is good but graphics is ummm….which means I could enjoy almost whole 1.5hrs.

So here are my favourites…

“Happy Camper – Born With A Bothered Mind (featuring Bouke Zoete)”

This was my favourite music and graphics. Sad smiles but looks so cute!

“WOODKID – Iron”

This was the “high quality!” I liked the expression of the animals in this video. I suggest to switch it to 1080p…but of course, it’s got lots of noise on youtube…omz.


This could be a bit too ordinary pattern…but still looked cool.

To be continued to Extended Play

onedotzero09 j-star

I went to see onedotzero this year too. I didn’t see any installation, so it’s only about j-star09. They showed these movies. 1. Satoshi Tomioka : “Usavich” 2. Kitune Akimoto : “Meat or Die” 3. Hidenobu Tanabe : “Phantom Planet” (Beat Crusaders) 4. Takeshi Nakamura : “Mind Wall” 5. Shintaro Kago : “Terror on the golf course” 6. Mirai Mizue : “Devour Dinner” 7. Makoto Yabuki : “As One” 8. Mood Magic : “Hinotori” 9. Takafumi Tsuchiya : “With Rain” 10. Takahiro Kimura : “Born to Bone” 11. Takafumi Tsuchiya : “Apoptosis” 12. Wow : “Another perspective” 13. Groovisions: “Ensuring the future of food” 14.Kawamura, Kirkland, Nakamura + Kawamura : “Hibi no Neiro” 15. Taijin Takeuchi : “A Wolf Loves Pork” 16. Horoaki Higashi : “Ahiru” 17. Muto Masashi : I will be here 18. kouki Tange : “Bikini Sports Ponchin” 19. Daito Manage: “Electric Stimulus to Face Test 6” Again, I really liked the movies by Makoto Yabuki and Takafumi Tsuchiya, whose movies were shown last year too. I like their very detailed graphic and texture… Also Taijin Takeuchi who is doing stop motion animation, his work was actually made inside a small room, but looked like we are traveling outside of the room, and was good idea! Also, “Hinotori” by Moon Magic was amazing…(It might not enough to convey it on youtube)

onedotzero 08 (2)

So, the onedotzero report No.2. For some reasons, I went to see another movie named “j-star08” on Sunday. It consists of short motion graphics by 20 Japanese creators, including music video, short animation, adverts etc… and it was much better than I expected! The director of the event talked at the beginning, but he said he liked Japanese film directors and is still interested in Japanese movie creators, and direct this j-star for onedotzero. I’m really happy to hear someone is interested in Japanese creators. So, we had these movies.
  1. Yoshiyuki Komatsu [Power Graphics] : “asadoya yunta”
  2. Takeo Hatai : “alter ego”
  3. Hitoshi Takekiyo : “after school midnight”
  4. Koichiro Tsujikawa : “omstart” (Cornelius)
  5. Satoshi Tomioka : “Usavich – beware of dance”
  6. Mizuhiro Savini : “diedisco”
  7. Takafumi Tsuchiya : “spen za nite qiz dis sit”
  8. Hideyuki Tanaka : “hello_8bit edition” ram rider
  9. Kosai Sekine : “maledict car” jemapur
  10. Mamoru Kano : “New Moon”
  11. Tetsuo Suzuka : “clear skies in may”
  12. Hiroshi Matsumoto : “fishing”
  13. Mamoru Kano : “scramble crossroad”
  14. Tsuyoshi Hirooka + Yohei Ito : “yosowya san”
  15. Satoshi Tomioka : “Usavich – beware of checkpoints”
  16. Ichiro Sato : “evening before hang over”
  17. k+me : “screaming dance” Leonard de Leonard
  18. Junji Kojima : “you-you-you”
  19. Makoto Yabuki : “confines” lyoma
  20. Kan Eguchi : “cosplay” nike id
  21. Satoshi Tomioka : “Usavich – beware of assault”
What I liked was: 1. It was a combination of graphic like space and Japanese music, which looks exactly like “j-star”! 4. I really liked that song…Graphics was amazing too. 5. I’m sure people think Japanese are crazy…lol Evil rabbits. 9. It looked like a shining Kaleidoscope, and I couldn’t see what it was first, but realised all the images were familiar scenary in Japan! 11. Typical Japanese graphics…but it was a good tempo, and not boring. My boyfriend really like it. 20. Oh, this one was so funny~~~ I love it. You should watch this! So, it seems you can watch most of them on the internet, but it was so nice to see them in a big theatre.

onedotzero 08 (1)

I went to see the event “onedotzero” last weekend with my friends. It’s an event of “motion image”, and it seems it was held in Japan last year as well. As the website says “There are some interactive installations”, so I was so looking forward to it. But they are not so big… I’d like to upload some of them. So, the film we saw was called “Tokyo!” by three creators including Michel Gondry. Each three world was extremely funny and weird, but I still thought they captured some aspects of Tokyo sharply. I like the one by Michel Gondry the best! I was also so surprised that Satoshi Tsumabuki was in the film. It was fun to talk with my friends about Japan after that. You might have a question, “Does actually ‘hikikomori’ (people who don’t get out from their room) exist?” …yes. Anyway, I went to see another one by Japanese creators too, but I’d like to write about it next time. onedotzero website Tokyo! website