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Happy New Year 2011

Happy new year, everyone.

Although Heathrow airport destroyed part of my holiday before Xmas, I could finally go to Japan and spend the new year there. For those I had to cancel the appointments, I’m sincerely sorry about that. For those I could meet, thank you for your time and it was a fantastic moment! I went for a drink, onsen trip, movie, a dinner at China town, had osechi, toshikoshi-soba, saw kohaku, heard the sound of joya-no-kane, saw ekiden, and went for new year sale…it was such a rich 1 week.

Now, this is a review of 2010.

[Tough year] In my blog post last year, I wrote “2010 will be a tough year too.” It was, indeed. The first half was really hard, I was really driven to a corner physically, mentally (and financially) because of job hunting. After getting a job, I spent all my energy to catch up. For the whole year, I was feeling stomachache.

[Achieved the goal!] However, my biggest goal for 2010…job-hunting, was quite successful! Having experienced the job-hunting in Japan 10 years ago, I was expecting that I had to compromise at some point…but I didn’t this time at all. I’m 100% happy with the result. So 2011 will be…

[More learning as UX] I’m not gonna write the detail here, but I want to gain more experience as UX designer, as well as using my own ideas a lot.

[Better private life] I did nothing other than job-hunting last year :'(, I want to have better private life this year.

  • (Finally) finish the project with my friend!
  • Want to travel more! (I might go to Germany in May…)
  • Start something new! (Probably Kyudo…or aromatherapy!)
  • Watch more movies! Listen to more music! Visit more museums!

[Healthier life] I was not really fit last year, it was not good for my mental health either. This year I should do some exercise regularly, cook well considering nutritional balance, and keep myself healthy!

Hope I can spend happy time with you too everyone 🙂

Happy New Year!

I did it…I got a cold on the new year’s eve. It’s been a bit tough since a few days ago but I had to work, and was planning to clean my room on 31th…but I couldn’t. I got a medicine, was sleeping for afternoon, and just ate “toshikoshi-soba” (Japanese noodle for new year’s eve), and went to bed.

Today I’m feeling slightly better but still not well enough. But my landlady cooked Japanese new year’s meal for me! Ahhhhh I appreciate it.

OK, I’m gonna start by writing 2009 review… the last year was

[a receptive year] Last year I started… – Studying business – Twitter – UI Design, iPhone application design – 3D animation I studied a lot!!!

[a “standing” year] I had to be patient for lots of problems, starting from the flatmate in the student hall. I had a swine flu too lol. But I realised that the reason why I suffered a lot last year was actually within the problem I haven’t been able to overcome for a few years. I’m not sure if I can overcome the problem in the future, but anyway it’s me, it can’t be helped! Then I started to feel better. Anyway I cried a lot in 2009.

[A travelling year] I love EU! Travelling abroad is so easy! – Spain – Portugal – Switzerland And I run out of money.

So…2010 will be…

[A “standing” year] I’m going to do job-hunting, so it must be a bit tough year again. But I know how long it will last totally depends on my effort!

[a sending year] Last year was a receptive year, so this year should be a sending year. One of the objectives is to complete the project which I’m doing with my friends, and the other is to find a job! Also I’m planning to send some interesting information using social media.

I met lots of people in 2009, thanks! I hope we can have a wonderful time together in 2010 too.

Chinese new year, Snow.

I went to see Chinese New Year event with my friends on Sunday. Wow…lots of people…one bad thing being in the UK is that I can’t see anything once I go into a crowd…everyone is much taller than me. I couldn’t see the dragons, so I bought a small dragon instead…Cute…I can be patient with this.



It was a bit strange weather, it was snowing while I could see the sun. And today I found it when I woke up!


Wow…trains and buses have stopped…I can’t go to uni… I heard there was little snow in London though. It’s so cold….

New Year, etc.

When can I move to a story about Francis Bacon? Anyway, I’m going to write about after Xmas to now… So, after Xmas, I went to see Ms N. to be given reflexology. As I used to go to massage at least once a month in Japan, I was so happy to be relaxed. Thanks, N! By the way, it revived my interests for aromatherapy, so I bought lavender oil and a stuff for foot bath. For a few days before new year, we sometimes invited guests and I cooked Japanese meals, and enjoyed it very much. On the new year’s eve, my boyfriend cooked British meal and I cooked Japanese (well, only soba which is necessary for new year). We invited some friends, and one of them gave me a lovely korean jewelry box, and another gave me calender, so I felt like I was doing Xmas again! It was so fun. The new year’s day this year came very quietly. I didn’t go to London, and stayed at home, but we don’t have the temple bells, and even when I turn the TV on, everyone looks normal. (Usually you can see lots of talents wearing kimono in Japan.) I didn’t feel like it was a new year… But my Korean friend invited us for lunch, so I could enjoy Korean new year’s day this year! I was so surprised they eat rice cake for new year as same as Japan. After that, I went shopping sometimes, and today was the enrollment for part-time course which starts this month. I met my classmates again, and felt the new term is going to start. I’d like to write a bit more about that course again soon. Now, here is my objectives for this year. – Needless to say, complete MA! – Study some things which I’m not good at. (Business, self-promotion) – Make a network with Japanese living in the UK. – Wake up early in the morning and not to stay up late at night! – Go to see at least one exhibition/film/theatre a week. All people I meet here are so active. I’d like to try harder this year!