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Desgree Show, finishing the course, etc.

The course finished last week. One year was so quick! For the last project, we made an iPhone application called “Alight”.


Alight is an application to allow users to associate their small ideas in daily life with particular location, so that they will have more chanced to develop them further. I was in charge of interface design. I know iPhone is not small as mobile phone, but still designing menu for small screen was good learning for me. We used 50inch plasma TV for the degree show, so I had to edit some footages (which I hadn’t done for a few years!). My poor macbook (not pro) was crying all the time rendering HD.


Finishing the course, I really feel that I met such wonderful classmates! It was so fun to do project with people who are enthusiastic about interactive media, and we enjoyed the time together even outside the studio! Some of them have already gone back to their own countries, but I believe I can see them in the future again.


By the way, >To friends in London, I have to move our from the current flat soon, and looking for a new place! Please let me know if you have any ideas. >To friends in Japan, I’m going back to Japan in October! Let’s go for a drink if you have time. Let me know when you are free, but as I am a poor student, (i.e. no money to drink a lot) let’s drink together if you guys know each other lol

Course Start

The course started from last Monday.  The first week was induction…introduction of the course,  introducing each other, tour of the school etc… Reading the syllabus, I felt sure that I would never get bored for the year. Every lecture looks interesting, they are exactly what I wanted to study  (= skills and information I need). The schedule is online,  and can check it lively and it looks we can use course wiki as well. Outside the school, the group on facebook was created and everyone is online! Ummm…the world is getting so convenient now…. The presentation each member gave using website contents was so interesting as well. All of us have same key interests, “interactive media” and looking at the similar direction, but at the same time, each person is still so unique in terms of nationality as well as background. I feel like it was worth to have came here only to meet these people. Also, I realised my English level as well as experience and skill as designer is so behind in the class. This year would be really tough…but exciting.