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v.s. Denmark

Although I often say I’m too busy to write blog recently, I’m gonna write this today. Japan vs Denmark. It was such a good game!

I went to a pub to watch it, there were loads of Japanese people (where are they from?). I wonder how many Danish people there were… Anyway, I love watching football at a pub. Actually Japan hadn’t played that well at the World Cup previously…their game was always miserable even whey they won. But this time, against an European country(!), they did really well! I’m so proud of them.

Right, the hero was of course Honda. His first FK was so beautiful, and his assist for the third one was stunning. I was really impressed how he pulled the ball back at that moment. I didn’t know Japan had such a skilled player.

The whole game was like…Denmark possessed the ball for most of the time, but I think defenders did their job pretty well. GK, Kawashima, stopped some good shots and even showed his regret strongly hitting the ground after the PK, although it couldn’t be helped! Good competing mind 🙂 And whenever Denmark played good, there was always Nakazawa(‘s head)… He is such a wonderful defender. So professional.

And Endo, who scored the second one, he used to play for Yokohama Flugels! (A football team which was merged into Yokohama Marinos and disappeared in 1998…and was my favourite team!) He was only 18 years old at that time, and now played in the World Cup and did such a gorgeous FK… was so happy. Almost crying. Well done.

I hope they will do well for the next game too. Samurai Blue. There’s nothing to lose, just go for it!


came back to London.

After staying in Japan for a while, I came back to London. It was wonderful to see lots of my friends, thank you! To whom I couldn’t see this time despite you contacted me, I’m so sorry! I will definitely go to see you next time. During the stay, I went to see Kabuki, ate lots of yummy foods, went for shopping etc… it was such a wonderful time! As it was too wonderful, I felt so sad when I left Japan… I can’t see them for a while again. But this is the way I decided to go, so have to stay positive… Since I went back to Japan just after the MA finished, I feel like it’s a new start. To be honest I’m feeling much more anxious than one year ago as I don’t have jobs and moneys, and I feel like I’m totally alone in this big city. It’s totally a start from scratch. But only I can do, is just working hard, isn’t it?

Kodo at Southbank centre, London

I went to see a performance by “Kodo” (A group of Japanese traditional drum players). To be honest, I hadn’t seen any proper Japanese drum performance before, and I just went there because it was 50% off for students! But it was amazing. Just amazing. I thought it would be good when I saw the promotion video on their website, but you can never experience the sounds of “big drum” unless you go to see them. It echoes inside your body, rather than on the surface. It was like thunder. Another thing I liked about them was that they were really entertainer. The quality as musician was good, so they can perform serious drum, but also they can do it comically so that audience feel relaxed, and above all, they looked enjoying themselves so much. You can feel thrill, fun, rhythm, and the time just goes by! They will be travelling around Europe, so check it out! Kodo website


なかなか書きたい事に書くスピードが追いついてないなぁ。でも書くよ、私は。めげないよ、1週間前の事でも。夏休みの日記、最後の方に書いてた人だからさ。 そうそう、箱根まで何しに行ったかってこの時期綺麗なススキを見にね。ススキって癒し系ですよね。なんだかふわふわしてて、そよそよしてて、見てると心が和むよね。仙石原はもう見渡す限り一面ススキで、しかもすっごく背が高くて場所によっては自分の背より高いところがあって不思議な場所でした。いや、なんだか癒されましたわ。 ちなみにススキの写真って難しいですね。一面真っ白なんで、下手すると絵が全部白っぽくなって面白みがないし、下手に太陽の光でも入れようものならすぐ白っとびですわ、これ。難しい。まだまだ修行が足りん。 とりあえず一枚載せてみます。