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Witnessed Google phone?

I often see articles about Google phone recently, but I think I witnessed it today.

When I was on the tube, a man sit down next to me. He looked to be in a hurry, and was fumbling about in his bag. And then he took out a box which looked like to contain a new mobile. Oh yeah, he got a new smartphone? Thinking like that, I found a word on the box, saying “Nexus one”.

Nexus One…? Was it the name of the Google phone? …or was it just a name of another Android phone? Google phone is still just a rumor, I heard, but another article said Google had admitted it… and wasn’t there a rumor that Google employees got actual handsets already…???

While I was thinking, the man opened the box, and was trying to insert a SIM card in it. (Err…hey, your hands look a bit dirty, you are putting lots of black finger-prints on the well-designed box..ahhh, you don’t need to tear the package in such a rough way…)

The handset had a print of the Android character on the back, and when he switched on, it showed the screen which I thought I’ve seen in an article. I was almost going to talk to him, but couldn’t as he looked so hurrying.

Well, I should have talked to him. Maybe he was a Google employee.

So Google phone must be big news in 2010, some people are twittering it will be released on 5th of January…

Google may harm your computer.

“A Chinese company launched Red-ray disc to compete with Blu-ray disc”… hearing such an interesting news by my friend, I was googling the keyword. But suddenly, google started to show “This site may harm your computer” message on every single search result. “What!? Did I get any virus or something!?!?!?” I felt a bit anxious, but found out that it was a problem of google side. It has recovered already, but I captured a screen because it was so funny.


Don’t be too harsh to yourself, google…


I tried to use searchWiki by google yesterday! So what you need to do is just logging in to google account, and you will find some unfamiliar links next to the result of search. One is to “pick up” and one it to “delete” the result. Now we had a question. It looks this feature works only for exact the same query. Which means, even if you delete one of the results for a query “noodle”, when you try “noodle Japanese”, the deleted result comes up again. …isn’t it a bit irritating? So our main opinion was “well….I wouldn’t use this.” Now the next question. What is this feature for, then? ….Google, isn’t it? And another question. With this feature, you also can comment on the results. These “pickup”, “delete”, “comment”, it looks all your action is published to all over the world compulsorily. For example, when you delete a result, it also shows “Bob and Jane deleted this result”, and by clicking “All notes for this searchWiki”, you can preview comments by others. Also, I’m not sure if it’s bug or not, but my test comment remains there despite I deleted it. Isn’t it annoying for the website which was used as test? Now the result for query “google” is full of test comments at the moment. To be honest, I don’t like this feature. First of all, which is the concept of this feature, “Personal customisation tool” or “Let’s edit the result together! (=wiki)” ? To me, it looks a bit mixed and confused. At least, I assume everyone wants the option to turn if off… Thinking like that, I tried another query but the feature doesn’t work…??????