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Google may harm your computer.

“A Chinese company launched Red-ray disc to compete with Blu-ray disc”… hearing such an interesting news by my friend, I was googling the keyword. But suddenly, google started to show “This site may harm your computer” message on every single search result. “What!? Did I get any virus or something!?!?!?” I felt a bit anxious, but found out that it was a problem of google side. It has recovered already, but I captured a screen because it was so funny.


Don’t be too harsh to yourself, google…

The fight against PIN

Well, this is not related to London, but… Since I came here, I needed to open new accounts a lot such as bank or mobile. The problem is always password or PIN. I can’t remember which one was for what, and I got locked out from the online banking a few days ago, and from my mobile as well. For online banking, I need ID number and PIN as well as “memorable word”, and have to type them all the time to log in. But they set lots of rules such as “within *** words” or type of characters or no use of the same characters. Once you start thinking like “Oh what should I choose… err…I can’t use this…not this one either…”, it’s already far away from “memorable”. OK, perhaps I was a bit stupid not to have written down even hint, but it was so embarrassing to call to the bank saying “Sorry, I couldn’t memorise the memorable word”. In the case of mobile, I had no idea how to change the PIN, so I left it as it was, but forgot about it and entered some different PIN. The result was locked out again. The start guide says I need to read the handset manual to change the PIN, but the manual only explains what happens if I forget PIN. What can I do??? Anyway, I solved the both case, but still I need to memorise student ID, ID for library, etc etc…feeling dizzy by numbers and alphabets! Please anyone, give me a high spec memory in my brain.