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Using social media

So everyone says “Twitter, “Twitter”, “Twitter” recently for social media stories, but how do you use them? These are what I use:

  1. Mixi (SNS/J): Japanese friends
  2. Facebook (SNS/E): Other friends + some Japanese friends
  3. LinkedIn (SNS/E): Career networking
  4. Seminar SNS (SNS/J): Members of the seminar at Uni
  5. UK Alumni Network (SNS/J): Importing blog only
  6. Twitter (Micro-blog/E&J): Small story and real-time story
  7. Blog (Blog/E&J,separated): Bigger story and self-log
  8. Booklog(Book blog/J): Not often
  9. Delicious (Bookmark/E&J): Partially sharing
  10. Last.fm (Music SNS/E&J): Auto-feeding from iTunes

I wish I could send Twitter feeds to all SNS at the same time, but Tweetdeck that I use now is only compatible with English, which means is not compatible with mixi at all. Even tweets from my Japanese friends can’t be displayed properly, ummm. Also LinkedIn can import Twitter feed but some of my tweets are too trivial and not related to career at all… I wish I had a client application that I can control where/what to tweet. Should I write it by myself?

By the way, still I’m not sure how I should use LinkedIn…Usually for business network, trust is important so information needs to be accurate. But online communication is usually not trustworthy, and considering security I always hesitate to upload my personal information. But it’s entitled as career networking so it might be easier to talk to someone who is not that close each other…? Anyway, I’m still thinking.

Regarding Booklog, Delicious, Last.fm, I have put lots of data as use of SAAS so I should use them more by forwarding the information to any other sites.

Anyway, it seems English social media is full of personal information without considering security… I assume lots of people are making money out of them.


  1. Mixi (SNS/日):日本の友達のみ
  2. Facebook (SNS/英):日本以外の友達+日本の友達
  3. LinkedIn (SNS/英):キャリア用ネットワーク
  4. ゼミのSNS (SNS/日):ゼミメンバーのみ
  5. UK Alumni Network (SNS/日):ほぼブログのインポートのみ
  6. Twitter(マイクロブログ/英&日):小ネタとリアルタイムネタ
  7. ブログ(ブログ/英&日別サイト):ちゃんと書くネタ、記録
  8. ブクログ(書籍ブログ/日):あんまし使ってない
  9. Delicious (ブックマーク/英&日):一部パブリック
  10. Last.fm (音楽SNS/英&日):iTunesからオートフィード




Course Start

The course started from last Monday.  The first week was induction…introduction of the course,  introducing each other, tour of the school etc… Reading the syllabus, I felt sure that I would never get bored for the year. Every lecture looks interesting, they are exactly what I wanted to study  (= skills and information I need). The schedule is online,  and can check it lively and it looks we can use course wiki as well. Outside the school, the group on facebook was created and everyone is online! Ummm…the world is getting so convenient now…. The presentation each member gave using website contents was so interesting as well. All of us have same key interests, “interactive media” and looking at the similar direction, but at the same time, each person is still so unique in terms of nationality as well as background. I feel like it was worth to have came here only to meet these people. Also, I realised my English level as well as experience and skill as designer is so behind in the class. This year would be really tough…but exciting.


There is an appli named “iThink” on Facebook. You input your opinions (eg. “Japanese food is the best in the world” etc.) and others agree or disagree with them, and the appli shows how many people agree with you or the compatibility with your friends. Well, the detail doesn’t matter, anyway I wrote “Football is the most exciting sport.” Then, people who agreed were 15% only. What a serious feeling of defeat. Today, I found it went up to 19%. So 1 person out of 5…ok…then…