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Billy Eliot

I know it’s nothing new, but I saw the film “Billy Eliot” on the other day. I remember, when I was in Sheffield, I’ve seen its poster showing a boy wearing boxing kit among girls wearing ballet costume.

It’s a story about a boy, Elliot living in New Castle with his Granma, father and brother, happened to meet ballet and begun taking lessons keeping it secret from his father. I thought it was an ordinary story, but actually was a great heart-warming film! It’s more about love in a family.

The main character, Billy was amazing. He struggles, smiles, dances with “Brit-pop” BGM and looks so cute. He made me smile too. The adults in the film were brilliant too, Jullie Walters was a teacher who notices Billy’s talent and teaches him Ballett. This actress also appears in Harry Potter series as Ron’s mother, and I like her act. In this film, it was very touching that she shows mother’s love and strictness towards Billy who has lost his mother already.

(The part below talks more details of the film.) Gary Lewis, who played Billy’s father who looked so rustic, was wonderful too. He doesn’t like Billy learning Ballet, (he wanted him to learn Boxing!) and got furious when he found out about it. But Billy’s serious attitude moves his heart and tried to make some money to let Billy goes to London in spite of he needed to betray his colleagues who were on strikes. The scene when he got a bus which everyone was throwing eggs at, and when the other son of him tried to stop him and he cried, made me cry so much! I really liked this father who loves his son.

The story is very simple, but I think it’s an amazing film about family relationship with unique, pop direction.

By the way, in “Hai! Karate” which I wrote about on the other day, there is a parent and a child like this Billy Elliot. The father likes boxing and the child likes Ballet. I’m a fan of them at the moment!

We need humor in our lives.

I don’t watch drama. I don’t think I can watch it every week and feel a bit uncomfortable waiting for the next week. So I used to watchnews programme or comedy show on TV in Japan. Since I came here, I had been looking for my favourite UK TV show but hadn’t been successful. I’ve tried some comedy show but were too difficult for me.

However, I finally found my favourite comedian! I know he is a quite famous person, but it’s Michael Mcintyre.

I found him on TopGear. (Although I don’t know anything about cars, I love this show as these three guys doing some crazy “car race” or “experiments” are so funny!) I usually don’t like the “celeb lap” but the guest was Michael Mcintyre on the other day. His talk was soooo funny and even Jeremy Clarkson was laughing a lot. I thought he must be a comedian and googled his name, and found the “Standing at the Apollo”.

And I really loved his show! Actually I didn’t like “standing” type show as it’s a bit too difficult for me to understand everything, and also I need to know about the culture in deep. But Michael Mcintyre uses lots of big reactions and talks about very ordinary stories in ordinary life, in such a funny way.  It’s not that difficult for me to understand. I wish I could go and see him live!

By the way, my favourite Japanese comedians “Tutorial” (it’s their name.) will release a DVD. One of them will release a book about cooking too. (I’m a bit skeptical about comedians writing cooking books…? But I know he loves alcohol and cooking…he must have a trustworthy tongue.) I want to buy both, but shipping fee of Amazon Japan is sooooo expensive! And I don’t have money either anyway…maybe I can buy them once I find a new job and get some money.

You know, we need humor in our lives!

Xmas 2009

Thanks to everyone, I had a wonderful Xmas this year too.

For the eve, my friend kindly invited me to the dinner with her family, and I could enjoy very “proper” Xmas atmosphere. (Sometimes how we cerebrate Xmas is a bit wrong in Japan.)


My friend is always good at cooking… and now I know why, because her mother is so good at cooking!

Her parsley sauce was sooooooo yummy. And I really enjoyed British family Xmas time. I appreciate their kindness.


On the Xmas day, my landlady (Japanese) cooked dinner for us. Now this time, it was more like “Japanized western” tastes which I really liked.


I and my flatmate were in charge of dessert, and made “yule log”.


I remember, last year was a bit like tons of “the same” foods, but this year it was so nice I could enjoy some different Xmas with different people.

And now my stomach is having some rest…

Christmas in the UK

Another different talk before Fransis Bacon. Christmas in the UK. It was in summer when I came here, so I was feeling like Christmas was still far away, but it’s so quick the time flows. It was the second time for me to stay Christmas in the UK, but it was really fun again! One thing I’m always amazed is how early they start enjoying Christmas. Shops start to display Christmas decoration in November, and for the last one week, all the music I heard was Christmas songs. I don’t want to hear them for a while. Sorry. I really like Christmas cards here by the way. There are lots of different things like funny one or detailed fine designs. I always like big one, looking like A5 size, they are so gorgeous and beautiful. But the price is gorgeous too. Postmen dress like santa and deliver mails. The man I saw on the other day had a big beard, and looked middle aged, I thought he was a real santa. Anyway, I enjoyed a party with my classmates, and enjoyed traditional Xmas meal on Xmas day, such as roasted chicken and Xmas cakes, mints pies. (I know it should be turkey, but it was chicken for some reasons.) It was so yummy.




So, 2008 is ending now… I see lots of sad news on TV recently, but hope 2009 will be wonderful year!