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Close Encounters of the Third Kind? “Hai! Karate”

This is about a TV show again, a TV show called “Hai! Karate” on CBBC. Four pairs of a parent and a child visit Japan to learn Karate in order to get closer relationship. It’s quite interesting.

Looking at “futon” (Japanese type bed) and shouting “Do we sleep on the floor!?”, not knowing how to wear “dougi” (a special clothes for martial arts), panicking at cicada, sitting on the floor in Japanese style…hahaha. Usually teachers will be furious if you are doing Karate taking such an apparant “I don’t care” attitude. But it might be a bit hard for them to concentrate in such a unfamiliar humid climate.

On the episode two, they experienced some Japanese culture such as Manga, Kendo, Wadaiko, and Maiko, and all looked enjoying it. On the third episode, teachers begun to make a bit more harsh comments on their attitudes, and they looked a bit annoyed lol. But now they also begun to show more serious eyes when they practice Karate.

I totally understand how stressful when they meet a new culture, I hope they understand a bit more about Japan and will like it!

This is the website.

BBC iPlayer, Sky News and London Paper

Because I don’t have my TV in my room, one of my concern was how I can get everyday information. I usually use BBC iPlayerand Sky News. Although I don’t remember how the previous BBC site was, I read an article saying their re-design was really successful. They are broadcasting their programmes of the past one week. But, perhaps because of the speed of the connection, usually it doesn’t connect to the site… Also, it seems some people argue about the traffic problem. On the Sky News, you can watch some 2~3mins news, but what I like about it is that I can set a Playlist to watch. It’s really convenient to check today’s news quickly. By the way, although this is not online media, another thing I always use to gather information is London Paper. ( I think this type of free paper is not so common in Japan) I can find the “purple” people anywhere in London so it’s so useful. Also I’m sure it’s good for tourist. But it looks to be causing a problem of waste…