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came back to London.

After staying in Japan for a while, I came back to London. It was wonderful to see lots of my friends, thank you! To whom I couldn’t see this time despite you contacted me, I’m so sorry! I will definitely go to see you next time. During the stay, I went to see Kabuki, ate lots of yummy foods, went for shopping etc… it was such a wonderful time! As it was too wonderful, I felt so sad when I left Japan… I can’t see them for a while again. But this is the way I decided to go, so have to stay positive… Since I went back to Japan just after the MA finished, I feel like it’s a new start. To be honest I’m feeling much more anxious than one year ago as I don’t have jobs and moneys, and I feel like I’m totally alone in this big city. It’s totally a start from scratch. But only I can do, is just working hard, isn’t it?