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Kinshu Tokubetsu Stage “Shin”

I went to see the Kabuki stage called “Shin” performed by Kantaro/Shichinosuke Nakamura! This time a taiko performer, Tetsuei Hayashi, and a shamisen performer, Chikudo Takahashi were on the stage as well. Hayashi is the person who participated to start “Kodo”, which I went to see their performance on the other day, so their drumming today was also amazing and energetic. Takahashi was so good at playing speedy tunes. And of course, Nakamura brothers was fantastic! In their first performance, “Ninin-Wankyu”, I was so surprised that Shichinosuke, who played “Matsuyama-dayu” looked so beautiful. “Matsuyama-dayu” is a phantom in the story, but Shichinosuke well expressed that dreamy mood, and how he moves lookes so feminine, and his proportion is so thin… I remember when I saw his performance last time, he was not that good at all! It was the first time I kept looking at Shichinosuke while Kantaro was on stage too. The last performance was “collaboration”, and it was so cool! Energetic taiko, dynamic shamisen, and Nakamura brothers wearing simple hakama and dancing… The title “Shin” (=”core”) expresses how it looks very well. The whole impression was “modern Japanese”. And this time, Kantaro was so good at performing masculine dance…he is getting really closer to his father recently. I love Nakamura family so much. Now I have favours to Shochiku! 1. Please release a DVD of this stage! I will buy it! 2. Please come to London!

Kabuki @ Hakata-za February

It was the kabuki stage I was really looking forward. I went to Hakata (2hours by airplane). Woo Hoo! On start time, Kantaro started to announcement. He appeared wearing Montsuki Hakama (Formal Kimono), and gave us a greeting. He always looks smart! Well, it sounded like a wrestler. Mic perfomance? The first act was “Yoshitsune Senbon-sakura Tokai-ya / Daimotsuno-ura”> In the scene Tomomori kills himself by diving into the sea carrying a big ancher, it is really famous that the actor fall down with his back. This time, the actor was Shido… Well, I’m afraid to say this, but the thing my mother said was everything. “His aura is too cheap.” We know they are still junior actor, but… Anyway, another actor, Hichinosuke, who acted “Suke-no-tsubone” was brilliant. Of course, compared to seniour actors, he is still not good enough, but I think his effort and spirit was enough strong to move audience’s feeling. The second act was “Takatsuki” I always wanted to see. It is a dance act that the actor tap-dances wearing a high wooden clogs, and Kantaro challenged it at first time. It was amazing. Of course his father is the master of this dance, so some might say his tap dance is not good at all yet… But his expression was really good. I felt the temperature of the theatre changed quickly and his “drunk man” act was so funny that the audience was so fascinated. Nakamura-ya rocks. The third act was “Dango-uri” by Kamejiro and Ainosuke. Kamejiro(male) acted a woman and it surprised me as he looked so sexy. The balance between Woman’s soft movement, and comical movement. It was great.