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New Year, etc.

When can I move to a story about Francis Bacon? Anyway, I’m going to write about after Xmas to now… So, after Xmas, I went to see Ms N. to be given reflexology. As I used to go to massage at least once a month in Japan, I was so happy to be relaxed. Thanks, N! By the way, it revived my interests for aromatherapy, so I bought lavender oil and a stuff for foot bath. For a few days before new year, we sometimes invited guests and I cooked Japanese meals, and enjoyed it very much. On the new year’s eve, my boyfriend cooked British meal and I cooked Japanese (well, only soba which is necessary for new year). We invited some friends, and one of them gave me a lovely korean jewelry box, and another gave me calender, so I felt like I was doing Xmas again! It was so fun. The new year’s day this year came very quietly. I didn’t go to London, and stayed at home, but we don’t have the temple bells, and even when I turn the TV on, everyone looks normal. (Usually you can see lots of talents wearing kimono in Japan.) I didn’t feel like it was a new year… But my Korean friend invited us for lunch, so I could enjoy Korean new year’s day this year! I was so surprised they eat rice cake for new year as same as Japan. After that, I went shopping sometimes, and today was the enrollment for part-time course which starts this month. I met my classmates again, and felt the new term is going to start. I’d like to write a bit more about that course again soon. Now, here is my objectives for this year. – Needless to say, complete MA! – Study some things which I’m not good at. (Business, self-promotion) – Make a network with Japanese living in the UK. – Wake up early in the morning and not to stay up late at night! – Go to see at least one exhibition/film/theatre a week. All people I meet here are so active. I’d like to try harder this year!