Internship: Week1

I update my blog less often since I started Twitter…Well it’s also because I’m too busy to do longer writing…

Anyway, I also tweeted about this while ago but I finally got a chance to do intern. It’s at SyZyGy. (By the way, this name “SyZyGy” is really difficult for Japanese to pronounce…It’s typical three sounds which are labeled as “similar sounds to practice” in English learning textbooks!)

I thought I would feel more nervous,but actually I didn’t that much. Probably it’s because I used to work in a similar working environment… creative studio and team-based projects. I felt a slight tense in a positive way and even felt relieved a bit.

Also people are really friendly there, everyone looks so busy but tries to talk to me in order to make sure that I can “experience” something, work on something as an intern. I really appreciate it.

Another think I like is its culture that people work on anything when they can do rather than sticking to individual role. This is very different from my previous working enviroment which was more like “I don’t do this job because it’s not my role.”. I think it’s amazing.

To me everyday is exciting at the moment, I wish I could work more.

Can’t wait the next Tuesday!

Time flies

It’s been two months already since I updated my blog the last time? I don’t believe this… Today this is a quick update post.

I got a new visa successfully in the beginning of Feb, but am still struggling to find a job. I even can’t get a chance of interviews. I thought maybe my CV was not good and got some advice on it, but feel like the biggest problem was that I missed all the graduate opportunities while I was applying for a visa. Now less companies are hiring juniors.

Anyway, I’m still alive by working at a supermarket.

Fortunately I met lots of nice people who try to help me getting a job (thank you!), I’m networking a lot recently (which I hadn’t done in Japan). Meeting a new person > connect him/her via Twitter/LinkedIn > Meeting a next person. The speed of social media is incredible.

Oh, another incredible thing is…Android! I bought Tattoo by HTC recently. Yes, I know I might have to go back to Japan soon, but got 18months contract. Any problems? It’s a pressure for myself. But I still feel like mobile is more convenient in Japan including the infrastructure. I don’t know. Anyway I’m enjoying downloading lots of different apps. I’m gonna write some reviews soon.

Right, I’m going to work….

Billy Eliot

I know it’s nothing new, but I saw the film “Billy Eliot” on the other day. I remember, when I was in Sheffield, I’ve seen its poster showing a boy wearing boxing kit among girls wearing ballet costume.

It’s a story about a boy, Elliot living in New Castle with his Granma, father and brother, happened to meet ballet and begun taking lessons keeping it secret from his father. I thought it was an ordinary story, but actually was a great heart-warming film! It’s more about love in a family.

The main character, Billy was amazing. He struggles, smiles, dances with “Brit-pop” BGM and looks so cute. He made me smile too. The adults in the film were brilliant too, Jullie Walters was a teacher who notices Billy’s talent and teaches him Ballett. This actress also appears in Harry Potter series as Ron’s mother, and I like her act. In this film, it was very touching that she shows mother’s love and strictness towards Billy who has lost his mother already.

(The part below talks more details of the film.) Gary Lewis, who played Billy’s father who looked so rustic, was wonderful too. He doesn’t like Billy learning Ballet, (he wanted him to learn Boxing!) and got furious when he found out about it. But Billy’s serious attitude moves his heart and tried to make some money to let Billy goes to London in spite of he needed to betray his colleagues who were on strikes. The scene when he got a bus which everyone was throwing eggs at, and when the other son of him tried to stop him and he cried, made me cry so much! I really liked this father who loves his son.

The story is very simple, but I think it’s an amazing film about family relationship with unique, pop direction.

By the way, in “Hai! Karate” which I wrote about on the other day, there is a parent and a child like this Billy Elliot. The father likes boxing and the child likes Ballet. I’m a fan of them at the moment!

wanna see sumo.

As I see lots of articles about Asasyoryu (Mongolian sumo wrestler) recently, I’m gonna write about sumo today.

When I was a kid, I used to love to see sumo on TV. At that time, there was a great champion called Chiyo-no-fuji, but a young wrestler called Taka-no-hana was becoming stronger. It was just the time of generation change. Even after he defeated Chiyo-no-fuji, there was another big wresler called Akebono, (He was such a big and strong guy.) and Taka-no-hana used to be pushed easily. But he finally grew enough to throw that big Akebono, it was such an exciting sport to see. His older brother, Waka-no-hana was a briliant wrestler too.

The wrestler who gained popularity after this brothers was the Asasyoryu. I’m sorry to say this, but I didn’t like him all along. I didn’t know he was Mongolian, it didn’t matter for me, but I just didn’t like his arrogant attitude. It was obvious that he didn’t respect other wrestlers and always showed “I am strong, don’t complain” behaviour, I just couldn’t respect him. (As same as the other Japanese traditional martial arts, sumo is not only about body and power, but also about mental maturity.) After I found that he was Mongolian, I thought maybe it was the reason he didn’t want to follow the Japanese tradition…but he just repeatedly insulted other people.

Also, the brothers were in scandal too, errrrrr oh no I don’t want to see it anymore. Since Taka-no-hana started to show “I-am-dead” look, I had stopped seeing sumo anymore.

I just assume though, maybe Asasyoryu was not such a bad guy like mass media reported (there is always a propaganda), but I still think he deserves this consequence. (*He was forced to retire a few days ago taking blame for the act of violence he did.) Some people say it was a bully and race dicsrimination, but I don’t think it was such an issue. I think, it’s always the same everywhere, when you are in a different country, you wouldn’t be accepted by others unless you show some respect to their culture. Also sumo is a traditional sport. Asasyoryu should have had more strong mind, I suppose. Afterall, I really can’t like his thought like “power is everything.”

Asasyoryu seemed to be optimistic but was forced to retire. On the other hand, Taka-no-hana, who run for the board of directers which was thought to be difficult to join, got enough votes. Looking at his upright face, I think Taka-no-hana just seems to have more strong mind and love for sumo than Asasyoryu did.

I’m really looking forward to his actions to make sumo more fun!

And I hope he can go well with his brother again…

Close Encounters of the Third Kind? “Hai! Karate”

This is about a TV show again, a TV show called “Hai! Karate” on CBBC. Four pairs of a parent and a child visit Japan to learn Karate in order to get closer relationship. It’s quite interesting.

Looking at “futon” (Japanese type bed) and shouting “Do we sleep on the floor!?”, not knowing how to wear “dougi” (a special clothes for martial arts), panicking at cicada, sitting on the floor in Japanese style…hahaha. Usually teachers will be furious if you are doing Karate taking such an apparant “I don’t care” attitude. But it might be a bit hard for them to concentrate in such a unfamiliar humid climate.

On the episode two, they experienced some Japanese culture such as Manga, Kendo, Wadaiko, and Maiko, and all looked enjoying it. On the third episode, teachers begun to make a bit more harsh comments on their attitudes, and they looked a bit annoyed lol. But now they also begun to show more serious eyes when they practice Karate.

I totally understand how stressful when they meet a new culture, I hope they understand a bit more about Japan and will like it!

This is the website.

We need humor in our lives.

I don’t watch drama. I don’t think I can watch it every week and feel a bit uncomfortable waiting for the next week. So I used to watchnews programme or comedy show on TV in Japan. Since I came here, I had been looking for my favourite UK TV show but hadn’t been successful. I’ve tried some comedy show but were too difficult for me.

However, I finally found my favourite comedian! I know he is a quite famous person, but it’s Michael Mcintyre.

I found him on TopGear. (Although I don’t know anything about cars, I love this show as these three guys doing some crazy “car race” or “experiments” are so funny!) I usually don’t like the “celeb lap” but the guest was Michael Mcintyre on the other day. His talk was soooo funny and even Jeremy Clarkson was laughing a lot. I thought he must be a comedian and googled his name, and found the “Standing at the Apollo”.

And I really loved his show! Actually I didn’t like “standing” type show as it’s a bit too difficult for me to understand everything, and also I need to know about the culture in deep. But Michael Mcintyre uses lots of big reactions and talks about very ordinary stories in ordinary life, in such a funny way.  It’s not that difficult for me to understand. I wish I could go and see him live!

By the way, my favourite Japanese comedians “Tutorial” (it’s their name.) will release a DVD. One of them will release a book about cooking too. (I’m a bit skeptical about comedians writing cooking books…? But I know he loves alcohol and cooking…he must have a trustworthy tongue.) I want to buy both, but shipping fee of Amazon Japan is sooooo expensive! And I don’t have money either anyway…maybe I can buy them once I find a new job and get some money.

You know, we need humor in our lives!

Decode at V&A

I went to see “decode” exhibition at V&A. It’s about digital art, and the main theme is visualization by codes, network and interactivity.


Sensity by Stanza




Arcs 21 by LIA

Lots of different data were used to visualize, but I liked the one with Twitter, Social Collider. Visual design was good too.

I also liked Body Paint which really simulates “painting” using body with its texture. And the one called Light Rain has a very fine graphics. It’s done by Japanese group. Yey! 😛 Venetian Mirror shows your picture little by little, so that you would feel like you have become a ghost!

Writing codes and preparing physical interactivity must be already difficult, but the more difficult point might be how to present them and how to evoke emotions from audience. I really admire these digital artists! Also I was so amazed how these digital “codes” move as if they are organic.

By the way, they are showing the pieces by Aaron Koblin whom I wrote about before too.

The decode is open until 11th April at V&A. Timeout is giving a voucher until the end of Jan too.

V&A decode Site

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