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Yougisha X no Kenshin (Japanese film: “A Suspect X’s devotion”

Although I haven’t seen the TV drama “Galileo”, I watched its movie “Yougisha X no Kenshin” on the other day. I haven’t read the original novel written by Keigo Higashino. …It was really good! As a mystery, it has thrilling and surprise, as well as bizarre feeling, and as human drama, its title “Kenchin (= devotion)” exactly describes the key point of the story. I felt like I wanted to read the original novel. I think film-hour is too short for this kind of story, and it would be more touching if I read the detailed description of each person’s emotion. Anyway the actor, Shinichi Tsutsumi who acted Ishigami was amazing. When I read reviews by other people, most of them said “Ishigami should be more frumpy.”, but maybe because I haven’t read the original, he looked enough “frumpy” despite the actor is typical cool man lol He looked so bizarre! Basically he talks so quietly with emotionless face, but his behaviour was so touching at the end. Great actor. By the way, Yukawa, acted by Masaharu Fukuyama, is he a kind of “light” person like that? And I heard the person acted by Ko Shibazaki is not in the original novel…was it necessary? ….Well, I really want to read the original. By the way, now I’m so interested in “Four colours theorem puzzle”…

Chinese new year, Snow.

I went to see Chinese New Year event with my friends on Sunday. Wow…lots of people…one bad thing being in the UK is that I can’t see anything once I go into a crowd…everyone is much taller than me. I couldn’t see the dragons, so I bought a small dragon instead…Cute…I can be patient with this.



It was a bit strange weather, it was snowing while I could see the sun. And today I found it when I woke up!


Wow…trains and buses have stopped…I can’t go to uni… I heard there was little snow in London though. It’s so cold….

Quantum Of Solace

I went to see 007! Daniel Craig is sooooo cooool. I was so surprised how big the cinema, ODEON leicester was. Almost 1700 sheets!? Can’t believe… (Is it true that there is bigger cinema is US?) But almost all sheets were full. I assume people in this country love James Bond after all. I don’t write the details of the film here, but a bit of my impression. So, this film is by Sony Pictures, the story is quite straight forward and all the gadgets 007 uses is made by Sony! Ok, that can’t be helped, but compared to the previous film which was quite exciting as the beginning of a dramatic story, this time it was rather more actions and less drama. Maybe that is because the film is sequence… Anyway, the interface of the system MI6 uses looked so cool. Now again it is about the cinema, but it’s compatible with 35mm, 70mm, and digital format, audio is Dolby, SDDS, DTS. The graphics in the opening sequence looked fantastic. Some people don’t like digital movies because the format reduces the typical quality of film… but I like it. Clear but still smooth edge. I could see such a detailed texture. So, again, I’d like to shout this. Daniel Craig is so cool.

BBC iPlayer, Sky News and London Paper

Because I don’t have my TV in my room, one of my concern was how I can get everyday information. I usually use BBC iPlayerand Sky News. Although I don’t remember how the previous BBC site was, I read an article saying their re-design was really successful. They are broadcasting their programmes of the past one week. But, perhaps because of the speed of the connection, usually it doesn’t connect to the site… Also, it seems some people argue about the traffic problem. On the Sky News, you can watch some 2~3mins news, but what I like about it is that I can set a Playlist to watch. It’s really convenient to check today’s news quickly. By the way, although this is not online media, another thing I always use to gather information is London Paper. ( I think this type of free paper is not so common in Japan) I can find the “purple” people anywhere in London so it’s so useful. Also I’m sure it’s good for tourist. But it looks to be causing a problem of waste…

Donnie Darko

Is Donnie crazy? Or something distorted in this world is happening? This is a film I wanted to see since I saw the poster, and finally I saw it. I’m still getting more and more interested. Although Donnie is seen as a person who has a mental problem, to me, he sounds quite intelligent and what he says makes sense. That Cunningham’s seminar, which judges people’s behaviour by “fear” and “love” is too cheap, and that Kitty, who stupidly believes in that theory and has the mistaken idea that her egoistic belief is the true love, looks so hypocritical, and comparing to them, it looked like Donnie understands the world more realistically. After all, human is not so simple and it is impossible to solve all problems just by “love”. …well, showing that kind of critics, the film also uses an interesting SF element, “Time travelling”. Some of you might imagine “Doraemon” (Japanese famous animation for kids.) by the word “time travelling”, but the story of this film is well constructed, and I felt that the deep concept which is a bit difficult to follow, and the weird look of bunny, makes a curious, unique tone of this film. I also liked the music, but what I liked the most was the sound of the voice of the bunny. “Wake up, Donnie…” it sounds like someone is talking in my head, that unrealistic voice was so unforgettable. By the way, the website of this film is so cool. It reflects the sense of the film, and it makes you want to know more. However, Japanese site is like this. …Disappointed. So…did Donnie find all of the answer? I still have lots of things I can’t understand… I want to watch it again…