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“9” by Damien Rice

I want to listen to this album on weekends. The sound of acoustic guitar and piano is so beautiful and make me relaxed. …Also it has some more “serious” tone tracks as if he is shouting his soul, and these songs are really good. I think you shouldn’t listen to it when you are depressed, though lol. As it contains “low” sound of base as well as very “high” sound of the strings of the guitar, and his gentle voice, it would be so nice if it’s playbacked with really high spec speakers. My favourite tracks are “Dogs” and “Rootless Tree”. I recommend it to the people who like acoustic pops. (although it’s a bit heavy) I assume coldplay fans would love this as well.

“Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse

When I listened to the track “Back to Black” on the radio, I really liked it at once. Now I bought her album and actually the whole album is really cool, I think. Her voice is quite unique and she uses it very well to sing classical soul or R&B. And still, it doesn’t sound old-fashioned. My favourites are “Tears dry on their own” (I want to listen to this on a beautiful day), “Rehab” (I am Japanese and didn’t know the meaning of “rehab” at first), “Back to Black” (Sounds so cool), but above all, “You know I’m no good” is sooooo good. Its sound of drums and brass is really cool, and her voice is soulful. I heard she used drugs and some people are oppose to her winning at Grammy, but I think it was quite reasonable win.

“Yours Truly, Angry Mob” by Kaiser Chiefs

It’s been a while since I went to HMV last time. I bought some CDs and am feeling so happy, I’ll write about them one by one. The first one is, well, I know it’s a bit too late, but Kaiser Chiefs’s “Yours Truly, Angry Mob”. Actually I listened to it when it was released. But I didn’t like “Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby—” so I didn’t buy it. But why, it sounds really cool now. I was so stupid not buying it. Some tracks are like “I predict a riot”, cool beat and dance tune, still being rock, and some tracks are more straight, moderate rock music. I really like the sound of electric instruments they sometime use. I just wonder…the sounds and the chorus sounds like the Beatles a bit??? The tracks I like are: “Heat Dies Down” “Everything Is Average Nowadays” “Learnt My Lesson Well” …and “Ruby” lol.

Coldplay’s new album

So I feel like I have seen a similar news before, but Virgin Radio says this: “a month away from completing”? “deny album will be called “Prospekt””? …I agree with everyone on that site. Release it lol!!! We are waiting for your music~~~!!!

“Albums of 2007: your votes are in!” by Q

…is like this. Is that Arcade Fire’s album good as much? I feel like I want to try listening to it. If you have tried it, tell me what you think. Now, this is my best album 2007. 1. Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare Actually this is my absolute top last year. I still listen to it often. 2. Radiohead – In Rainbows Radiohead rocks! 3. Klaxons – Myths Of The Near Future I love you, Klaxons. I love your music videos. Now I realised that I didn’t buy CDs at all last year… It was great I survived without enough music. I want to try new one now! Anyone who give me recommendation? By the way, it looks Chris Martin is on that Q magazine…want to buy it…want to buy it…

Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra

Recently, Japanese figure skating is so interesting. They look so beautiful and powerful and skate as if they are flying. I definately think Miki Ando and Nana Takeda is so cute, (Note: I am straight.) but Mao asada’s performance was great this year. And I thought I had heard of the music used for the performance. The sound of the violin was so imporessive,and it suits to Mao’s performance so much. I searched on the internet and found that it is a track from the film “Ladies in Lavender”. Yes, I remember “Andrea” was playing it. That was the scene I was so touched by the expression of Dame Judith Dench, and couldn’t help but cried. That was the scene Daniel Brühl was so cool. …I really want to buy that sound track CD. I wonder this film will be famous in Japan as Mao used this song? Her amazing performance is here.