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Perfume is so cute…

Well, when they first became popular a few years ago, I just thought “Ahhhh again…just another typical Japanese girls group…” but finding them again recently, I was rather surprised how cute they are!

Search their video on the internet! Their dance is cute too, I think they’re much better than AKB48…? My favourite is “Take me Take me”, “Game”, “Edge” etc. The first bit of “Fake it” is too cool. By the way, this combination of SciFi-ish “digital music” and cute girls wearing cute clothes looks so Japanese anime/comic culture…haha.

Anyway, I will leave talking about how cute they’re to boys fans…as you might find it from my favourite list, I think I just like the music by Nakata Yasutaka, so I started listening to Capsule too. Yeah I think it’s cool. I like “Jumper”.

Although I really don’t understand “Kyarii Pamyu Pamyu” who is also produced by Nakata Yasutaka, I really wish Perfume keep doing well! By the way, my favourite member is Kashiyuka. I want to see them live…

coldplay, coldplay, coldplay…

I went to see coldplay! It was amazing. It’s still playing repeatedly in my head. Actually I was so excited already just because the place was Wembley. When I got to the station, I wished it was a football match… but no, that thought was wrong, coldplay was wonderful. I have seen coldplay twice in Japan… but this time was the best! Of course they are in their own country, their home city, and maybe because it was the last day of the tour, they looked really full of life. The live consists of both tracks from “Viva la Vida” and older tracks by turns, they played “In my place” and “Yellow” even at the beginning, it was so exciting to sing these songs with lots of people. “Fix you” almost made me cry! Also their graphics and lighting were amazing, I enjoyed all from the beginning to the end. Their stage always looks cool, but it was awesome this time. They also played tracks like “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” and “Talk” in “electrical” version. (It sounded a bit like the Gorillaz…) In the middle part, they moved from the main stage to a smaller stage in the middle of audience, and played in acoustic style, it was full of amazing music. Led by Chris Martin, we tried “mobile wave” as well. (each person holds mobile phone and do wave! So beautiful!)During that, coldplay played “Billie Jean”! It was so unexpected but actually they were quite good. I was so fascinated by Chris Martin. He changed that strange hair style, so looked cool. His voice was so beautiful too… It was my dream to see them in the UK. And they showed me a wonderful night. I love you, Coldplay!

Portugal Day3 / Aaron Koblin

Portugal day3 = Offf day 2. The first talk I saw on that day was by Aaron Koblin. I had seen his works sometimes, but didn’t know his name, so it was so surprising I could hear his talk in Portugal. He visualise the information using the Processing, and also does experimental projects related to “Wisdom of Crowds”. The promotion for Radiohead is also popular. The talk was maintly about these issues. 1. Visualising information. There are many kinds of “visualisation”, but he uses things like the record of searching query, or flghts records and I find interesting that make animated information using actual data which happened in the reality. The promotion of Radiohead was done by capturing his movement. All the works has very detailed texture, and looks so beautiful. 2. Wisdom of Crowd He showed the project to ask 2000 internet users to sing only one sound of the whole song, and to combine them into one song. And the project to ask 10,000 users to draw sheep. It was so funny one users wrote “Why are you doing this?” instead of drawing. Anyway, seeing would be quicker so have a look at his website. Aaron Koblin Site Song by 2000 people is here Not sure if we can say it’s working though 😀 This is a some scenes from the talk.

Kodo at Southbank centre, London

I went to see a performance by “Kodo” (A group of Japanese traditional drum players). To be honest, I hadn’t seen any proper Japanese drum performance before, and I just went there because it was 50% off for students! But it was amazing. Just amazing. I thought it would be good when I saw the promotion video on their website, but you can never experience the sounds of “big drum” unless you go to see them. It echoes inside your body, rather than on the surface. It was like thunder. Another thing I liked about them was that they were really entertainer. The quality as musician was good, so they can perform serious drum, but also they can do it comically so that audience feel relaxed, and above all, they looked enjoying themselves so much. You can feel thrill, fun, rhythm, and the time just goes by! They will be travelling around Europe, so check it out! Kodo website

Writing a report and Oasis

I can’t concentrate on reports…and I’m writing my blog, hehe. Now I’m listening to Oasis’s “Dig Out Your Soul”. It’s their most recent album released in last October. I love this album. Originally I like Oasis and Wonderwall always makes me cry. I remember I used to carry a lot of MD(!) of Oasis whenever I go. But their music sounded less interesting from “Heathen Chemistry” and when I listened to “Don’t believe the truth” I felt a bit sad because it was not exciting like before. So this time, I didn’t expect at all to be honest. I tried it anyway, and… This is amazing! Oasis! So cool! Their music is really straight as always, some tracks sound like bit pop, some sound very Noel-ish, and important thing is….it sounds new. I can’t tell this well, but something is new. Now my love for oasis came back, I’m listening to other albums as well… Well, I have to go back to reports…. Link to the LastFM page

Alan Aldridge at Design Museum

The event has closed already, but I went to see Alan Aldridge at Design Museum.


So the image of Alan Aldridge is basically the Beatles..but I hadn’t looked at his art works in detail. It was amazing, the more you looked at, the more you find detailed elements. You can find a lot of things inside such a small painting. By the way, he is an art director for the band called “Incubus” and designed their jacket, and it looks there was “i dig incubus” contest…I don’t know much about the contest, but there was an artwork for that displayed at the exhibition. It is made by Kaamuz . I think it’s really good this kind of contest can find an new artist. Alan Aldridge Website


Although it’s been more than 2 weeks already, I went to Liverpool with friends! It was just the date of the Beatles Week, and Matthew Music Festival, so it was soooo difficult to book accommodation. Fortunately I could find a B&B and a-not-so-cheap-hotel in last minutes. I went there by Mega Bus but it was not so comfortable… But 30 pounds for return. It’s so cheap. 6 hours journey…


At the first night, we went to Matthew Street, listened to lots of the beatles songs played by lots of bands, at Cavern Pub and Cavern Club. It looked the audience were not so young…? But everyone loves the beatles, everyone sings together, and it was so fun!!! The second day, we went to PennyLane and Strawberry fields. Although we needed to take a bus from city centre, it was closer than I imagined. The weather was so nice, and we enjoyed walking around the area.


After that, returning city centre, enjoying Matthew Street Festival, going to the beatles shop, finally we returned to Matthew Street. It was so comfortable that I could hear the sound of the beatles wherever I walked. Unfortunately we had to go back to London early in the morning on the third day. By the way, Beech B&B was very kind to prepare for breakfast early in the morning and ask for our favour…thanks!