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Apple sauce

One of my favourite things in the U.K. is apple sauce 😀 (It’s not that common in Japan)

I usually fly pork, and put lots of lots of them!


…ok, a picture by DSi is not that good.

But anyway, I wonder if people who

1. don’t like subuta (chinese dish) with pineapple 2. can’t accept apple in curry

wouldn’t accept this sauce either.


My friends invited me to her place and taught me how to cook “ohagi” (Japanese traditional sweets). It was the first time to cook this for me so I could help only an easy part of it.

The smell of red beans and rice when they are cooked always makes me feel relaxed. We cooked normal ones, as well as kinako (a kind of sweet powder?) and sesame. It was soooooooooooo yummy!


She also served some other sweets and sake for us… It was such a nice time chatting and eating 🙂 Thanks!

Switzerland Day3

OK, I know I’m writing about long time ago… But I never give up! This is for my own record! So this is Switzerland Day3. We went to a city called Montreux which has really beautiful scenery, next to the lake. The lake was soooo large that it looked almost like the sea.


After having a lunch, we moved Lusanne. This city looked more similar to England, it looked like shopping area. Although we walked to the Cathedral, it was over 30 degrees and so hot!!! No more walk. After that, we went to Gruyères. It is the birth place of cheese fondue, we went there to have dinner, but scenery was also amazing!


Unfortunately the castle was already closed, streets are very european stone pavement, the windows on the buildings looked cute with flowers. Cheese fondue was very good of course!


To be continued.

Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement)

My friend invited me to Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) exhibition! It was in Hamstead. …Before that, we went to eat crape which is really popular in Hamstead. Wow, there was a long queue…


I was in two minds of eating sweet one or savory one…but decided to have mushroom tarragon cream one as I was so hungry!Wow…outside is crispy, and inside is hot mushroom with nice salty taste, this is soooo happy~~~. I’m gonna try sweet one next time. So, ikebata exhibition was in a church. The combination of Japanese and Western was really nice. All flowers were so unique and beautiful. They were more than I can describe by my poor English, so picture, picture…






They also let me try ikebana, and taught me a very basic one. It looked Ikebana was so profound culture. Maybe it has philosophy inside it…? I’m now interested in it. After that, we went to yakitori (Japanese chicken barbecue) restaurant. Wow~~~I feel like I’m in Japan… Fish is so yummy, yakitori is so yummy~~~. I was told that it’s very popular place, also for English people. Well, I always feel like we should have more Japanese restaurants in the UK! We can do business!!! So, I spent such a lovely day, thanks to my friend again. Thank you!

Christmas in the UK

Another different talk before Fransis Bacon. Christmas in the UK. It was in summer when I came here, so I was feeling like Christmas was still far away, but it’s so quick the time flows. It was the second time for me to stay Christmas in the UK, but it was really fun again! One thing I’m always amazed is how early they start enjoying Christmas. Shops start to display Christmas decoration in November, and for the last one week, all the music I heard was Christmas songs. I don’t want to hear them for a while. Sorry. I really like Christmas cards here by the way. There are lots of different things like funny one or detailed fine designs. I always like big one, looking like A5 size, they are so gorgeous and beautiful. But the price is gorgeous too. Postmen dress like santa and deliver mails. The man I saw on the other day had a big beard, and looked middle aged, I thought he was a real santa. Anyway, I enjoyed a party with my classmates, and enjoyed traditional Xmas meal on Xmas day, such as roasted chicken and Xmas cakes, mints pies. (I know it should be turkey, but it was chicken for some reasons.) It was so yummy.




So, 2008 is ending now… I see lots of sad news on TV recently, but hope 2009 will be wonderful year!

Mulled Wine

A small story before writing about Fransis Bacon. When I went to a house warming party of my friend on the other day, I tried “mulled wine”. Red wine + clementine + cinnamon and make it hot? I didn’t know about it before, but I really liked it. Their house was amazing by the way….big rooms, clean, cool designed kitchen, barbecue place in the garden… I was just jealous! It was so different from our small, dirty, hall of residence…