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Is this iTunes’s bug???

I’m enjoying Radiohead on big volume now. An annoying week finally ended. Unknown bugs and errors, working for 33hours without sleeping, argueing with sales reps…Sorry I can’t reply to your messages. I don’t have much energy on weekdays… Well, now I’m using iTunes but…I can’t see the reason, perhaps the recent update, but it changes its ganre into Japanese words. I mean, it changes “Rock” to “ロック”(katakana, Japanese) automatically. I changed the language setting to “English” and now it looks OK. Is it a bug? Or software’s specification? Isn’t it annoying a bit?

Macbook air and ham

Yes, I had heard a rumor that they would release an extremely thin laptop… So thin! It looks like a elegant cookie which has cream inside it, doesn’t it? I feel like I want to buy it, but it doesn’t have a disc drive… …and it made me think of this. Perhaps apple is not expecting optical drives any more? Look at the services they announced this year, it sounds like it, doesn’t it? For example, “I want to watch a film on DVD.” …Use iTunes store! “I want to watch it on bigger TV.” …Why don’t you use Apple TV? “Well, I need discs to backup my data.” …You have Time Machine, are you stupid?” …Is it!? Is it what you want to say, Steve!? …This is not related to the new products, but there is a website like this. The interface is a parody of Apple, but they are selling ham. It made me laugh that he was wearing that black cloth. Now I would like this shop to announce the release of the world thinnest ham…. There’s something in the air.


There is an appli named “iThink” on Facebook. You input your opinions (eg. “Japanese food is the best in the world” etc.) and others agree or disagree with them, and the appli shows how many people agree with you or the compatibility with your friends. Well, the detail doesn’t matter, anyway I wrote “Football is the most exciting sport.” Then, people who agreed were 15% only. What a serious feeling of defeat. Today, I found it went up to 19%. So 1 person out of 5…ok…then…