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My blog has moved.

I haven’t written this blog for long time…but actually I was moving it to a new site. I used to use two different blog service for English version and Japanese version, and it was a bit tiresome to update both of them. So I installed WordPress on my own domain, and installed a multi-language plugin. Now I can edit both at the same time.

The reason why it took so long to re-launch…I moved everything by hand. I had to integrate two sites into one, but also wanted to check the content. Reading the entries one by one, I checked the links and moved all media resource into separate service. The pictures are now on Flickr, the videos are on Youtube…in this way I thought it would be easier to use resources in multiple places.

Anyway, I have 5 years long entries…some of them are extremely embarrassing! Arrogant comments, rubbish complaints…I’m still not sure if I have grown up since then, I feel so hopeless for myself. But one fact is that I have lots of friends and family who always support me, which means my life is happy anyway. This hopeless myself is still a part of me, so I kept all the entries.

On the other hand, one thing I need to learn from myself in the past is its energy to visit lots of places and effort to meet new people…I have been a bit weak recently.

Anyway, I’m going to start writing blog again. Check it out if you have time 🙂

wanna see sumo.

As I see lots of articles about Asasyoryu (Mongolian sumo wrestler) recently, I’m gonna write about sumo today.

When I was a kid, I used to love to see sumo on TV. At that time, there was a great champion called Chiyo-no-fuji, but a young wrestler called Taka-no-hana was becoming stronger. It was just the time of generation change. Even after he defeated Chiyo-no-fuji, there was another big wresler called Akebono, (He was such a big and strong guy.) and Taka-no-hana used to be pushed easily. But he finally grew enough to throw that big Akebono, it was such an exciting sport to see. His older brother, Waka-no-hana was a briliant wrestler too.

The wrestler who gained popularity after this brothers was the Asasyoryu. I’m sorry to say this, but I didn’t like him all along. I didn’t know he was Mongolian, it didn’t matter for me, but I just didn’t like his arrogant attitude. It was obvious that he didn’t respect other wrestlers and always showed “I am strong, don’t complain” behaviour, I just couldn’t respect him. (As same as the other Japanese traditional martial arts, sumo is not only about body and power, but also about mental maturity.) After I found that he was Mongolian, I thought maybe it was the reason he didn’t want to follow the Japanese tradition…but he just repeatedly insulted other people.

Also, the brothers were in scandal too, errrrrr oh no I don’t want to see it anymore. Since Taka-no-hana started to show “I-am-dead” look, I had stopped seeing sumo anymore.

I just assume though, maybe Asasyoryu was not such a bad guy like mass media reported (there is always a propaganda), but I still think he deserves this consequence. (*He was forced to retire a few days ago taking blame for the act of violence he did.) Some people say it was a bully and race dicsrimination, but I don’t think it was such an issue. I think, it’s always the same everywhere, when you are in a different country, you wouldn’t be accepted by others unless you show some respect to their culture. Also sumo is a traditional sport. Asasyoryu should have had more strong mind, I suppose. Afterall, I really can’t like his thought like “power is everything.”

Asasyoryu seemed to be optimistic but was forced to retire. On the other hand, Taka-no-hana, who run for the board of directers which was thought to be difficult to join, got enough votes. Looking at his upright face, I think Taka-no-hana just seems to have more strong mind and love for sumo than Asasyoryu did.

I’m really looking forward to his actions to make sumo more fun!

And I hope he can go well with his brother again…

Happy New Year!

I did it…I got a cold on the new year’s eve. It’s been a bit tough since a few days ago but I had to work, and was planning to clean my room on 31th…but I couldn’t. I got a medicine, was sleeping for afternoon, and just ate “toshikoshi-soba” (Japanese noodle for new year’s eve), and went to bed.

Today I’m feeling slightly better but still not well enough. But my landlady cooked Japanese new year’s meal for me! Ahhhhh I appreciate it.

OK, I’m gonna start by writing 2009 review… the last year was

[a receptive year] Last year I started… – Studying business – Twitter – UI Design, iPhone application design – 3D animation I studied a lot!!!

[a “standing” year] I had to be patient for lots of problems, starting from the flatmate in the student hall. I had a swine flu too lol. But I realised that the reason why I suffered a lot last year was actually within the problem I haven’t been able to overcome for a few years. I’m not sure if I can overcome the problem in the future, but anyway it’s me, it can’t be helped! Then I started to feel better. Anyway I cried a lot in 2009.

[A travelling year] I love EU! Travelling abroad is so easy! – Spain – Portugal – Switzerland And I run out of money.

So…2010 will be…

[A “standing” year] I’m going to do job-hunting, so it must be a bit tough year again. But I know how long it will last totally depends on my effort!

[a sending year] Last year was a receptive year, so this year should be a sending year. One of the objectives is to complete the project which I’m doing with my friends, and the other is to find a job! Also I’m planning to send some interesting information using social media.

I met lots of people in 2009, thanks! I hope we can have a wonderful time together in 2010 too.

Witnessed Google phone?

I often see articles about Google phone recently, but I think I witnessed it today.

When I was on the tube, a man sit down next to me. He looked to be in a hurry, and was fumbling about in his bag. And then he took out a box which looked like to contain a new mobile. Oh yeah, he got a new smartphone? Thinking like that, I found a word on the box, saying “Nexus one”.

Nexus One…? Was it the name of the Google phone? …or was it just a name of another Android phone? Google phone is still just a rumor, I heard, but another article said Google had admitted it… and wasn’t there a rumor that Google employees got actual handsets already…???

While I was thinking, the man opened the box, and was trying to insert a SIM card in it. (Err…hey, your hands look a bit dirty, you are putting lots of black finger-prints on the well-designed box..ahhh, you don’t need to tear the package in such a rough way…)

The handset had a print of the Android character on the back, and when he switched on, it showed the screen which I thought I’ve seen in an article. I was almost going to talk to him, but couldn’t as he looked so hurrying.

Well, I should have talked to him. Maybe he was a Google employee.

So Google phone must be big news in 2010, some people are twittering it will be released on 5th of January…