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Amazing paper cut art works by Rob Ryan

I went to see Rob Ryan’s paper cut art works yesterday.  (via @NoriFla Thanks!)

I really liked his fine, crisp but simple work, which has lovely “stories” inside. Sometimes the story is sentimental, sometimes happy, I will never get bored looking at these art. It might be interesting if it becomes animation…like moving pictures.


They gave me an invitation card too. Amazing!


Unfortunately yesterday was the last day for the exhibition, but seems he has a shop in Shoreditch. Go see it if you are interested in. I’m gonna visit there too!

Rob Ryan Website

Decode at V&A

I went to see “decode” exhibition at V&A. It’s about digital art, and the main theme is visualization by codes, network and interactivity.


Sensity by Stanza




Arcs 21 by LIA

Lots of different data were used to visualize, but I liked the one with Twitter, Social Collider. Visual design was good too.

I also liked Body Paint which really simulates “painting” using body with its texture. And the one called Light Rain has a very fine graphics. It’s done by Japanese group. Yey! 😛 Venetian Mirror shows your picture little by little, so that you would feel like you have become a ghost!

Writing codes and preparing physical interactivity must be already difficult, but the more difficult point might be how to present them and how to evoke emotions from audience. I really admire these digital artists! Also I was so amazed how these digital “codes” move as if they are organic.

By the way, they are showing the pieces by Aaron Koblin whom I wrote about before too.

The decode is open until 11th April at V&A. Timeout is giving a voucher until the end of Jan too.

V&A decode Site

onedotzero09 j-star

I went to see onedotzero this year too. I didn’t see any installation, so it’s only about j-star09. They showed these movies. 1. Satoshi Tomioka : “Usavich” 2. Kitune Akimoto : “Meat or Die” 3. Hidenobu Tanabe : “Phantom Planet” (Beat Crusaders) 4. Takeshi Nakamura : “Mind Wall” 5. Shintaro Kago : “Terror on the golf course” 6. Mirai Mizue : “Devour Dinner” 7. Makoto Yabuki : “As One” 8. Mood Magic : “Hinotori” 9. Takafumi Tsuchiya : “With Rain” 10. Takahiro Kimura : “Born to Bone” 11. Takafumi Tsuchiya : “Apoptosis” 12. Wow : “Another perspective” 13. Groovisions: “Ensuring the future of food” 14.Kawamura, Kirkland, Nakamura + Kawamura : “Hibi no Neiro” 15. Taijin Takeuchi : “A Wolf Loves Pork” 16. Horoaki Higashi : “Ahiru” 17. Muto Masashi : I will be here 18. kouki Tange : “Bikini Sports Ponchin” 19. Daito Manage: “Electric Stimulus to Face Test 6” Again, I really liked the movies by Makoto Yabuki and Takafumi Tsuchiya, whose movies were shown last year too. I like their very detailed graphic and texture… Also Taijin Takeuchi who is doing stop motion animation, his work was actually made inside a small room, but looked like we are traveling outside of the room, and was good idea! Also, “Hinotori” by Moon Magic was amazing…(It might not enough to convey it on youtube)

Desgree Show, finishing the course, etc.

The course finished last week. One year was so quick! For the last project, we made an iPhone application called “Alight”.


Alight is an application to allow users to associate their small ideas in daily life with particular location, so that they will have more chanced to develop them further. I was in charge of interface design. I know iPhone is not small as mobile phone, but still designing menu for small screen was good learning for me. We used 50inch plasma TV for the degree show, so I had to edit some footages (which I hadn’t done for a few years!). My poor macbook (not pro) was crying all the time rendering HD.


Finishing the course, I really feel that I met such wonderful classmates! It was so fun to do project with people who are enthusiastic about interactive media, and we enjoyed the time together even outside the studio! Some of them have already gone back to their own countries, but I believe I can see them in the future again.


By the way, >To friends in London, I have to move our from the current flat soon, and looking for a new place! Please let me know if you have any ideas. >To friends in Japan, I’m going back to Japan in October! Let’s go for a drink if you have time. Let me know when you are free, but as I am a poor student, (i.e. no money to drink a lot) let’s drink together if you guys know each other lol

Portugal Day3 / Aaron Koblin

Portugal day3 = Offf day 2. The first talk I saw on that day was by Aaron Koblin. I had seen his works sometimes, but didn’t know his name, so it was so surprising I could hear his talk in Portugal. He visualise the information using the Processing, and also does experimental projects related to “Wisdom of Crowds”. The promotion for Radiohead is also popular. The talk was maintly about these issues. 1. Visualising information. There are many kinds of “visualisation”, but he uses things like the record of searching query, or flghts records and I find interesting that make animated information using actual data which happened in the reality. The promotion of Radiohead was done by capturing his movement. All the works has very detailed texture, and looks so beautiful. 2. Wisdom of Crowd He showed the project to ask 2000 internet users to sing only one sound of the whole song, and to combine them into one song. And the project to ask 10,000 users to draw sheep. It was so funny one users wrote “Why are you doing this?” instead of drawing. Anyway, seeing would be quicker so have a look at his website. Aaron Koblin Site Song by 2000 people is here Not sure if we can say it’s working though 😀 This is a some scenes from the talk.

Kodo at Southbank centre, London

I went to see a performance by “Kodo” (A group of Japanese traditional drum players). To be honest, I hadn’t seen any proper Japanese drum performance before, and I just went there because it was 50% off for students! But it was amazing. Just amazing. I thought it would be good when I saw the promotion video on their website, but you can never experience the sounds of “big drum” unless you go to see them. It echoes inside your body, rather than on the surface. It was like thunder. Another thing I liked about them was that they were really entertainer. The quality as musician was good, so they can perform serious drum, but also they can do it comically so that audience feel relaxed, and above all, they looked enjoying themselves so much. You can feel thrill, fun, rhythm, and the time just goes by! They will be travelling around Europe, so check it out! Kodo website

Portugal Day2

Portugal, Day2. (yes, it’s confusing but switch your brain!) It was the first day of the event, OFFF. There was a long queue in the morning! After waiting a lot, finally we went inside the place. There were some interactive installation, and, Microsoft was showing their interactive campus and “Surface”.


Opening talk was by Neville Brody. (I didn’t know he was alumni of LCC…) But actually I don’t remember what he talked… Well, how things were organised was not so good, the sound was not so good… The first day was a bit disappointing. But the dinner we had at the hostel was so yummy! Spinach soup and main dish was cod… This hostel is so clean, the location is good, the price is reasonble, I recommend! To be continued to the Day3. Neville Brody Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Kinetica Art Fair

I went to Kinetica art fair on the other day. It was really interesting to see interactive arts, or dynamic arts. This is the place.


It’s difficult to explain with words, so pictures…. There are some interactive arts, like getting information from real world and convert it into graphics etc…



Or something which moves reacting human’s move.


Or something….unknown, but just getting closer to you.


And collaboration with other arts.


And robots.



And…moving stuff.



…So, anyway, I enjoyed it so much!

Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement)

My friend invited me to Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) exhibition! It was in Hamstead. …Before that, we went to eat crape which is really popular in Hamstead. Wow, there was a long queue…


I was in two minds of eating sweet one or savory one…but decided to have mushroom tarragon cream one as I was so hungry!Wow…outside is crispy, and inside is hot mushroom with nice salty taste, this is soooo happy~~~. I’m gonna try sweet one next time. So, ikebata exhibition was in a church. The combination of Japanese and Western was really nice. All flowers were so unique and beautiful. They were more than I can describe by my poor English, so picture, picture…






They also let me try ikebana, and taught me a very basic one. It looked Ikebana was so profound culture. Maybe it has philosophy inside it…? I’m now interested in it. After that, we went to yakitori (Japanese chicken barbecue) restaurant. Wow~~~I feel like I’m in Japan… Fish is so yummy, yakitori is so yummy~~~. I was told that it’s very popular place, also for English people. Well, I always feel like we should have more Japanese restaurants in the UK! We can do business!!! So, I spent such a lovely day, thanks to my friend again. Thank you!