Media reports on Monument Valley

(Sorry this post is in Japanese only.)

ブログ再開後第一弾のポストです。若干手前味噌ですが、ustwoからリリースされたゲーム、Monument Valleyの事を書かせて頂きます。


正直、「視覚のトリックを使った」ゲームは、以前SCEの作品で見た事がある気がします。それだけでも面白いのですが、Monument Valleyのいいところはやっぱり世界観とビジュアル、サウンドの質。眺めているだけでなんだかいい気分になるのです。なので、あんましゲームしない〜っていう人でも、楽しめると思いますよ。現に私、全然ゲームしないし。



【新作】幻想世界の視覚トリック『Monument Valley』おもしろすぎて一気にクリアーしてしまった [ファミ通app]

Game watchでも取り上げられてます。すごいね。

【スマホアプリ今日の1本】エッシャー世界探訪の旅iOS「Monument Valley」 – GAME Watch


エッシャーの騙し絵に迷い込んだような神秘的なアプリ『Monument Valley』 | Touch Lab – タッチ ラボ

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So…I’m writing a blog after 2 years. From now on, I’m gonna spend more time writing a proper blog entry rather than just quick-posting on social media.

I’m feeling like I’ve been too lazy to try communicating with my words properly. Social media gives me a quick option to share more…yes, it is more, but less experience. And I finally realised, doing less is actually living more.

Also I’m kind of fed up with “fake” me on social media. I tended to capture only the moment which looks nice. And those are the “wish-portrait” of me; the way I wanted to be perceived. “Look! Look how happy my life is! Please someone, tell me my life is amazing!”…Was I happy then? No. There are lots of gaps between them, those ideal me was no where near to real me, and ended up increasing my self-hate.

So I stopped. I decided to live my real life, rather than faking a happy life.

My first birthday is coming soon. A year ago, I was re-born and started a new journey. This blog will be the place to write about that too. Hope I can keep going…no, I will keep going!