We need humor in our lives.

I don’t watch drama. I don’t think I can watch it every week and feel a bit uncomfortable waiting for the next week. So I used to watchnews programme or comedy show on TV in Japan. Since I came here, I had been looking for my favourite UK TV show but hadn’t been successful. I’ve tried some comedy show but were too difficult for me.

However, I finally found my favourite comedian! I know he is a quite famous person, but it’s Michael Mcintyre.

I found him on TopGear. (Although I don’t know anything about cars, I love this show as these three guys doing some crazy “car race” or “experiments” are so funny!) I usually don’t like the “celeb lap” but the guest was Michael Mcintyre on the other day. His talk was soooo funny and even Jeremy Clarkson was laughing a lot. I thought he must be a comedian and googled his name, and found the “Standing at the Apollo”.

And I really loved his show! Actually I didn’t like “standing” type show as it’s a bit too difficult for me to understand everything, and also I need to know about the culture in deep. But Michael Mcintyre uses lots of big reactions and talks about very ordinary stories in ordinary life, in such a funny way.  It’s not that difficult for me to understand. I wish I could go and see him live!

By the way, my favourite Japanese comedians “Tutorial” (it’s their name.) will release a DVD. One of them will release a book about cooking too. (I’m a bit skeptical about comedians writing cooking books…? But I know he loves alcohol and cooking…he must have a trustworthy tongue.) I want to buy both, but shipping fee of Amazon Japan is sooooo expensive! And I don’t have money either anyway…maybe I can buy them once I find a new job and get some money.

You know, we need humor in our lives!

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