coldplay, coldplay, coldplay…

I went to see coldplay! It was amazing. It’s still playing repeatedly in my head. Actually I was so excited already just because the place was Wembley. When I got to the station, I wished it was a football match… but no, that thought was wrong, coldplay was wonderful. I have seen coldplay twice in Japan… but this time was the best! Of course they are in their own country, their home city, and maybe because it was the last day of the tour, they looked really full of life. The live consists of both tracks from “Viva la Vida” and older tracks by turns, they played “In my place” and “Yellow” even at the beginning, it was so exciting to sing these songs with lots of people. “Fix you” almost made me cry! Also their graphics and lighting were amazing, I enjoyed all from the beginning to the end. Their stage always looks cool, but it was awesome this time. They also played tracks like “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” and “Talk” in “electrical” version. (It sounded a bit like the Gorillaz…) In the middle part, they moved from the main stage to a smaller stage in the middle of audience, and played in acoustic style, it was full of amazing music. Led by Chris Martin, we tried “mobile wave” as well. (each person holds mobile phone and do wave! So beautiful!)During that, coldplay played “Billie Jean”! It was so unexpected but actually they were quite good. I was so fascinated by Chris Martin. He changed that strange hair style, so looked cool. His voice was so beautiful too… It was my dream to see them in the UK. And they showed me a wonderful night. I love you, Coldplay!

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