Although it’s been more than 2 weeks already, I went to Liverpool with friends! It was just the date of the Beatles Week, and Matthew Music Festival, so it was soooo difficult to book accommodation. Fortunately I could find a B&B and a-not-so-cheap-hotel in last minutes. I went there by Mega Bus but it was not so comfortable… But 30 pounds for return. It’s so cheap. 6 hours journey…


At the first night, we went to Matthew Street, listened to lots of the beatles songs played by lots of bands, at Cavern Pub and Cavern Club. It looked the audience were not so young…? But everyone loves the beatles, everyone sings together, and it was so fun!!! The second day, we went to PennyLane and Strawberry fields. Although we needed to take a bus from city centre, it was closer than I imagined. The weather was so nice, and we enjoyed walking around the area.


After that, returning city centre, enjoying Matthew Street Festival, going to the beatles shop, finally we returned to Matthew Street. It was so comfortable that I could hear the sound of the beatles wherever I walked. Unfortunately we had to go back to London early in the morning on the third day. By the way, Beech B&B was very kind to prepare for breakfast early in the morning and ask for our favour…thanks!


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